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Bachelor of Commerce

KPT/JPS (BCOM140) 12/14

Total Fee*



Malaysian students: RM19,520 annual
International students: RM23,600 annual

3 Years

Mar, Aug. Sepb

*The indicative course fees shown here applies to students studying on-campus in Malaysia for the relevant year only. They are based on a standard study load per year. However, please note that fees are assessed according to a student's study load in each term, and variation to study load will result in an adjustment to tuition fees. All fees are subject to annual review and may be adjusted.

b Degree intake for Swunburne Foundation Studies, Year 12, STPM, A Level or equivalent.

The Bachelor of Commerce course will prepare you for a career in the business profession. The program develops future business leaders who have strong skills in innovation and entrepreneurship

Students of Bachelor of Commerce are introduced to key fundamental concepts behind certain business disciplines. They then have the opportunity to examine components more thoroughly through the selection of a major and either a co-major or two minors. Depending on their choice of major study area(s), students have the choice of graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce or one of the following:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) 
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) 
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) 
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (International Business)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Management)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Bachelor of Commerce graduates will be:

  • capable of undertaking entry-level activities in general management, and business and enterprise
  • knowledgeable about basic principles of market-focused business
  • able to communicate with a variety of organisational stakeholders
  • able to identify and evaluate business problems and present innovative solutions

Students may undertake the Bachelor of Commerce program by completing one of the following majors:

  • Accounting
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

In doing so, they will transfer into the associated Bachelor of Commerce. The more specific goals for each major are listed under the program details for that major.

For the completion of the Bachelor of Commerce students are required to complete a total of 24 units of study (300 credit points). This normally consists of:

  • A professional major consisting of 16 units (200 credit points)
  • Eight (8) additional units that can be undertaken either as a co-major (8 units) or two minors (4 units each), or pathways credit
  • The not-for-credit unit, HGB0004 Careers in the Curriculum




Students are introduced to key fundamental concepts behind certain business disciplines, which include the following basic knowledge units:

HBC110N Accounting for Managers 
HBE110N Microeconomics
HBL111N Introduction to Business Law
HBH110N Organisation and Management

Major Specialisations:

Professional Major
The following commerce specific professional majors are made up of 16 units (200 credit points):

* Structured differently to other commerce professional majors to comply with professional recognition requirements.


The following commerce specific co-majors are available (each consisting of 8 units of study):

Note: Some majors have prerequisites. Please refer to individual entries for details on which students can undertake that co-major.


The following commerce specific minors are available(each consisting 4 units of study):

Note: Not all minors will be available. Please refer to each discipline area above for more information.
Some minors have prerequisites. Please refer to individual entries for details on which students can undertake that minor.


Swinburne offers International Exchange Programs as well as Education Abroad Programs to help internationalise your degree. International Exchange is an academic program allowing you to study at a Swinburne Partner Institution for one or two terms during your degree. Swinburne's Partner Institutions offer many relevant subjects as well as a secure base to explore a different culture. Your studies whilst on exchange can be credited towards your Swinburne degree, provided they are relevant and approved by Swinburne. For further information visit the Swinburne Abroad website.

Graduates will be prepared to be employed or self-employed in a wide range of fields such as accounting, business analysis, finance, human resources, international business, management or marketing. For specific career opportunities of individual majors, refer to the individual Commerce majors.


Apply for this course by following the step-by-step process from the links below.

English Language Requirements

Academic Entry Requirements


Course enquiry line: +60 82 415353
Fax: +60 82 428353

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A range of scholarships are available to local (Sarawakian, Sabahan & West Malaysian) and International students either at commencement or on the continuation of a course.