Careers and Employment Fair

Career Discovery Day

Every year in April, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus hosts a careers and employment fair named Career Discovery Day

The fair serves as a platform for local and international employers, to meet with graduating students.

The Career Discovery Day had proven to be the effective way:

For employers to:

  • Meet face-to-face with future employees in an informal setting.
  • Showcase the organisation as a ‘preferred employer’ to students from a range of disciplines.
  • Create awareness of the organisation and its reputation.
  • Publicise and distribute recruitment materials and application forms to students.

For students and alumni to:

  • Meet future employers in an informal setting.
  • Discover exciting careers and internship opportunities.
  • Understand what employers look for in a student and how they should prepare for their careers.
  • Submit resumes to employers.

As an employer, if you are interested to participate in the Career Discovery Day, please contact our Careers and Employment Executive