Industrial Engaged Learning

Internships allows students to experience real work environment and gain a competitive edge while studying. They will be able to practise theories and case studies into real work scenario, thus able to adapt to the challenges and demands in the work environment.

For Engineering students, internships is overseen by the Faculty’s industrial placement coordinator. It is compulsory for engineering students to complete industrial placements (EAT20008 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IN ENGINEERING or EAT20010/1 INDUSTRY BASED LEARNING) in order to complete their studies.

Internships for Faculty of Business and Design students are usually done during their study break i.e. December to February or June to August.

Permission to do internships at the end of their studies for international students is only given on a case-to-case basis. This is to allow the International Student Services Unit to track the movement of international students while they are still under Student Visa and for insurance purposes.

Below are the options for students to engage with our industry partners:

The Careers and Employment Executive acts as the liaison officer between the students, the industry and the faculties.

The Careers and Employment Executive will issue a Letter of Support to employers, on behalf of the student and the University. If the employer offers placement for the student, the offer letter to the student will be issued through the University.