Student’s FAQs



How to book a room?

Students must fill a booking form, Accommodation Booking Form . Submit the form along with RM500.00 booking fee to reserve the room.

How long are students allowed to stay in the on-campus hostel?

Tenants are allowed to stay on campus for a maximum of one year.

Who will carry out maintenance services?

Maintenance is carried out by the Accommodation Office Technicians.

What if we fail to make the payment on the due date given?

Payment made after the due date will incur a RM200.00 penalty.

Who can we contact during an emergency?

In house Hostel Wardens and Resident Advisors will attend to any emergencies.

Contact details of all emergency numbers can be found on the notice boards and in their rooms.

Are there any extra charges if we leave our belongings/things inside the room during the semester break?

If tenants wish to leave things in the room they have to pay full weekly rental based on room option. No storage spaces are provided at the hostel during the long semester break.

What if I want to stay or continue to stay for another semester after the current tenure ends or have withdrawn from the hostel, what are the procedures and chances?

Continuing Residents
Must follow the steps listed in the renewal notice that will be issued one month before the last day of the tenure and make full payment before their tenure ends.

Tenure Expired Residents
Tenants staying over one year will be issued expiry notices and will have to vacate the room by the stipulated date.
Those who wish to stay back may submit an appeal letter stating reasons for wanting to remain at the on campus hostel. Appeals are reviewed based on room availability, student contribution to the hostel community and disciplinary issues if any.

Withdrawing Residents
Those that withdraw but wish to return to hostel must follow the same process as a new tenant, but will only be accommodated based on room availability.

What items are provided in each room?

  1. Bed
  2. Mattress (Sheets + pillows not included)
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Study table and chair
  5. Fan
  6. Shelf (only provided in non-aircon room)
  7. Air-conditioner (optional)
  8. Curtain/ Venetian blind
  9. Two electricity outlet sockets per tenant

What extra items are tenants allowed to keep in their rooms?

Electrical items (mini refrigerator, stand fan, hair dryer, iron and kettle).Tenants must exercise extra precaution when using electrical items in the room and inform the Accommodation Office.

Mini book shelf – in deluxe rooms
Portable clothes hanger
Any other items deemed suitable by the wardens

Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew but tenants are advised not to return late to the hostel for security reasons. The main security gate for the university compound closes at midnight, and students who enter thereafter must register their names at the security counter.

There is a strict noise curfew from 11.00 pm to 7.00 am.

Who does the hostel cleaning?

The cleaning of the common areas (toilets, kitchen, and laundry) is managed by a professional cleaning agency.

Tenants are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. The hostel management will conduct random spot checks to ensure that students adhere to hostel rules and regulations.

What activities are organised by the hostel management team?

There are two main activities organised per semester.

  1. Hostel BBQ – this is the first event in which residents will get a chance to meet and greet others at the hostel.
  2. Hostel Resident Advisor event – this is an event organised by the resident advisors of both hostel. (Day trip, treasure hunt, mini sports event)

Tenants are also encouraged to organised their own activities subject to approval by the management and partake in other activities organised by the university


I did very well in this unit and yet still fail. Can I go for remarks?

Please review your exam script with the Unit Convenor before you proceed with the reassessment application. If recommended by the Unit Convenor, then complete the Reassessment Form which can be obtained from Student Information Centre (SIC) and make a payment of RM100.00 per unit to Finance Counter.

Can I get a refund for my reassessment fee?

There will be NO REFUND once the payment is made.

When should I apply for reassessment?

You are given 10 working days after the publication of results to submit the reassessment. Submission after the deadline will not be entertained.

How much do I have to pay for reassessment?

Reassessment fee is RM100.00 per unit.

Where can I get the results for reassessment?

Examinations Office will notify you on the outcome of reassessment via the student webmail. Please check your student webmail within 5 working days, the least after submission.


What is needed for certify true copy documents?

Any requests for certify true copy of documents, you must bring along the original document and copies of the documents to Student Information Centre (SIC) for verification.

Certify true copy documents will be immediate or will take 1 working day (depending on availability of authorized officers).


Where do I go if I need help to look for a job after my graduation? Can I approach the careers and employment executive, if I need to know more about internship opportunities available?

Yes, please see the Careers & Employment Executive. You can also search the Swinburne Sarawak Careers and Employment Facebook page where recent vacant positions are posted weekly. We provide services targeted towards addressing the entire scope of your career growth and development from a Self-Directed Search assessment. We will help students develop a résumé and their interview skills to better reflect their individual strengths and to describe the picture of a good prospective candidate to potential employer.

Why do you need career services?

There are many students who are unsure of what they need, what their career choices and goals are etc. When you consider your preferred career, you should consider your interest and intrinSC skills that evolve from our true strengths. Most of us do not know what we want; let alone how we can achieve it.

At Student Services, we can assist you in making a career decision according to your talent and capabilities. We have coaching skills to support your needs and requirements. We can help you to clarify and evaluate your options after an initial assessment

What are the services provided by Careers and Employment?

The services provided by Careers and Employment include Career Development Workshop, Resume Writing Workshop, Interview Skills Workshop, Career Personality Test, Internship Placement, Part-Time Employment Advice, Resume and Cover Letter Checking, Career Development Planning


How do I lodge a complaint?

Before you can lodge a formal complaint, you need to go through Local Resolution with the department/unit/individual that you complained to. If you are not satisfied with the outcome from the Local Resolution, you need to fill the online Complaints and Feedback form.

You can also access the form as per below:
Complaints and Feedback

What is local resolution?

If you have a problem and you’d like to have it resolved, you must first try to resolve it at a local level (e.g. talking with a teacher, requesting the information you need from the relevant department at Swinburne etc.). This gives our staff the opportunity to resolve your matter promptly and locally.

Ways to resolve your matter locally:

  • Contact the area that can help you resolve your issue (e.g. studentHQ, your teaching department)
  • Search our Complaints and Feedback page in Swinburne Sarawak website to see if there are instructions available for resolving your issue, or submit an online enquiry
  • Make an appointment with a specialist (e.g. Course Coordinator, counsellor, International Student Centre, academic staff member).

Always remember:

  • Be mindful of local timeframes (e.g. you have 10 working days to request a reassessment after the publication of results)
  • Local resolution process is outlined on the Re-assessment website for assessment / re-assessment matters.
  • Always keep the records of your attempt at local resolution to support a future complaint submission (if needed). If you haven’t attempted local resolution you will be requested to do so before a formal complaint will be considered.
  • Where local resolution does not successfully resolve your matter, you can submit a complaint via our Complaints and Feedback website.

For a full understanding of the complaints management process, view our Complaints Management Guidelines.

Who will receive the complaint?

Any complaint or feedback will be sent directly to Safer Community Executive for further action. All complaint or feedback information is private and confidential.

How long before you receive the outcome of your complaint?

Your complaint or feedback will be investigated with immediate action. However, if there is further investigation needed, it may take a longer time and the officer in charge will update you on the progress.

Formal Resolution: Maximum of 21 working days after you lodge your complaint
Misconduct: Within 5 working days after the final decision has been made
Review: Maximum of 21 working days after you lodge your complaint

How will you receive the outcome of your complaint?

You will receive the outcome via letter (to collect it personally) or via Student webmail or via post (if you are not in Kuching) or via Personal Email.

Are you allowed to write-in for consideration after you received the outcome?

Yes, you are allowed to write-in for consideration to the Safer Community Executive (especially those who are under Misconduct).

Where can I obtain information on complaints and feedback?

Information on Complaints and Feedback are available in the Swinburne Sarawak Website or you can log in to your Blackboard.

  1. Yayasan Sarawak Study Loan (YS)
  2. Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)

Who can apply for the Yayasan Sarawak Study Loan / Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)?

YS: This loan is applicable for Foundation students only.

PTPTN: It is applicable for Diploma & Degree students only. Open to all courses of study except for Double Degree courses.

Effective January 2011, Diploma & Degree students must apply for PTPTN first. Applications for YS loan only can be considered if the applications are rejected by PTPTN. Effective 2012 all student applying for PTPTN must have a SSPN account with a minimum deposit of RM20.00 at PTPTN Main Branch Office or PTPTN UTC Branch or any MAYBANK Branch.

How and when to apply the study loan?

YS: The application form can be obtained from Student Information Centre (SIC) or Yayasan Sarawak official website. Application is opened throughout the year but advisable for the students to submit before the commencement of the semester.

PTPTN: The applicants must purchase the pin number which cost RM5.00. from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) before logging in. The application made is via online at The application start and end date are as below:

Duration Application Start Date Application End Date
1st Half of the Year 15th January 15th February
16th February 15th March
2nd Half of the Year 15th August 15th September
15th September 15th October

What are the requirements for the study loans?

SPM certificate is mandatory. Applicants must also meet the minimum entry requirements and have officially enrolled with Swinburne Sarawak.

When & how will the outcome be notified to the applicants for the study loanS?

YS: The duration of processing including approval will be two (2) to six (6) months. Successful application will be notified by Financial Aid Officer via STUDENT WEBMAIL meanwhile for unsuccessful applications will be notified by Yayasan Sarawak directly via MAIL. No feedback after 6 months of submission is deemed unsuccessful.

PTPTN: The applicant will be notified of the outcome within 7 working days after the application closing date via PTPTN website and their personal email (if provided).

If the loan application is successful, where to collect & when to submit the agreement forms?

YS: The agreement forms must be collected at Student Information Centre (SIC) within a week after notification from Financial Aid Officer. Once completed, it must be returned to SC within 14 working days after collection along with the required documents. Any late submission may cause your approval void.

PTPTN: The agreement will be attached in the email stated during the online application or it can be printed from the PTPTN online application account. Applicant must print the agreement as per attached for 2 sets. The complete agreement form and required documents (1 set) must be submitted during the collection date which will be announced in all available channels in the campus. Any submission made after this period will cause their agreement automatically void and no further appeal will be entertained.

How many sureties (penjamin) are required & what are the requirements?

YS: Amount approved below than RM20, 000 require only one (1) surety meanwhile amount above RM20, 000 require two (2) sureties. The requirement is stated in the agreement and offer letter.

PTPTN: Effective June 2011, no sureties / guarantors are required.

When and how will be the disbursement of loan is made?

YS: The disbursement will be directly credited into the applicants BSN account within 2 – 3 weeks after submission of the completed agreement forms.

PTPTN: The disbursement will be credited directly into applicants CIMB account. The second disbursement onwards will be disbursed based on the agreed date between PTPTN and the University. An announcement on this will be made from time to time. The disbursement will be based on the previous semester academic results.

What is the minimum requirement for the subsequent disbursement of the loan?

YS: Student must achieve minimum GPA 2.00 every semester. Student will be asked to submit a show cause letter to Student Information Centre (SIC) if their GPA is below 1.00., Payment will be withheld until the students achieve the GPA minimum requirement in the next semester examination.

PTPTN: PTPTN will automatically withhold the payment if the student fails to achieve a minimum of 2.00 GPA. Payment will resume once l the minimum requirement is achieved. There will be no bringing forward payments even though the students achieve good result for remaining of their studies until they graduate.

Can a student apply for extension of loan, if required? How to go about it?

Yes. The student must fill in the Loan Extension Application form which is available at Student Information Centre (YS) or PTPTN official website (PTPTN). A formal letter must be attached along. The content of the letter must include the remaining units to graduate & cost per unit. The complete application must be submitted to Student Information Centre (SIC) for our further action.

Note: This is just an application; therefore the approval is not automatic.

Can a student transfer their course or major during the course of his/her studies when they are under any of the study loan scheme?

As stated in the Agreement, student is not allowed to transfer / change their Course / Major. However the students can appeal by writing a letter to the respective loan providers before applying for a transfer. Final decision will be on the discretion of the loan provider.

What should a graduate student do if he/she receives a notification letter for repayment from the sponsoring organization but is still unemployed?

The loan provider must be informed by the graduates on their yet to be employed status. The notification must be done in official writing. Once employed, the loan provider also must be notified for immediate repayment.

  1. Yayasan Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman (YBSTAR)
  2. PVC Academic Excellence Award (PVC)

Who is eligible to apply for these Yayasan Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman (YBSTAR) / PVC Academic Excellence Award (PVC) loans?

YBSTAR: It is eligible for Degree Engineering students only and has not received any scholarships from Swinburne Sarawak and other bodies. The secretariat will advertise the courses eligible to apply based on their current criteria .This mean the eligibility and requirement is subject to change.

PVC: The scholarship is awarded for Foundation, Diploma and Degree student and who have not received any scholarships from Swinburne Sarawak and other bodies.

When to apply & to submit the application?

YBSTAR: Normally, the application date will be upon the YBSTAR discretion. Financial Aid officer will post up an announcement in BlackBoard, Student Webmail and Notice Board once the application has open.

PVC: It is open for application starting on the day of result publicises and will close within 2 week after result publication day. The submission must be made to Student Information Centre (SIC) during working hours (Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5.30pm) or via email to

Where to get the application form and is there any documents required?

YBSTAR: It can be obtained from Yayasan Sarawak official website or Student Information Centre (SIC). Supporting documents required are stated in the application form.

PVC: It is available at Student Information Centre (SIC) or Swinburne Sarawak official website The only document required is the previous semester result certificate.

What are the requirements to apply?

YBSTAR: For current student, they must achieve the minimum of CGPA 3.00. For STPM entrance, they must achieve at least grade B in their STPM result for all subjects meanwhile for Diploma entrance, the CGPA must be 3.00 minimum.

PVC: All HDs. For more details, kindly refer to Swinburne Sarawak website, Student Information Centre (SIC) or Financial Assistance brochure.

How are we going to be notified and what is the next step if the application is approved?

YBSTAR: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview session. The successful application will be notified directly by YBSTAR secretariat a month after the interview and be advised to collect the Agreement Form from Student Information Centre (SIC).

PVC: For successful applicants, they will be notified via Student Webmail 2 weeks before class commence.

What happened if the students already under other study loans & scholarships?

YBSTAR: Student is only entitled for one scholarship/ study loan from any organization. If they accept the YBSTAR offer, they must terminate their current loan/ scholarship.

PVC It is still applicable for students under loan but not scholarship. Termination of the current scholarship must be done if they chose to accept this scholarship.

How is the payment mechanism of this scholarship, in terms of tuition fees and allowances (if any)?

YBSTAR: For allowances, YBSTAR will pay direct to the student BSN account. As for the tuition fees, the University will claim based on the invoices and the payment will be paid directly to University.

PVC: Kindly refer to Swinburne Sarawak website and Student Information Centre (SIC) for more information on the value of the scholarship. The value of award is in term of rebate in the consecutive semester and cannot be exchanged for cash.


My student pass is due for renewal. When should I submit my pass for renewal?

Your passport which contains the Student Visa must be handed in to the International Students Office one (1) month before the expiry date for the necessary processing and submission to the Immigration Department.

What are the conditions for the approval of the renewal of student pass?

The approval of the renewal by the Immigration Department is subject to these conditions:

  • The validity of the passport must be more than 6 months.
  • Satisfactory class attendance (80% and above).
  • Satisfactory academic performance (a CGPA of 2.0 and above)*
  • The remaining number of semesters of your course
  • Covered with insurance

*Students with CGPAs of less than 2.0 may still be granted a renewal subject to certain conditions which can only be determined on an individual basis.

Are there any fees imposed by the immigration department on the renewal of the student pass?

Yes. Visa fees vary from country to country and are to be borne by the student. The fees are to be paid upon submission of the passport for visa renewal.

What should I do if the student pass expires while I am in my home country during the semester holidays?

In such a case, you will have to email the International Student Office and request for a Visa Reference Letter via email to the International Students officer, Valentine Colin at

Upon arrival in Kuching, please hand in your passport for renewal of your student visa to the International Student Office.

It is advisable to check with the Malaysian Foreign Mission in your home country on any new requirements or rulings before returning to Malaysia.

My student pass still has more than 2 month’s validity period and I will be in my home country for the semester holidays. Is it possible to renew the student pass before I go for my holidays?

Yes. Please produce ticket proof of leaving and returning for the semester holidays. Under normal circumstances, the Immigration Department does not entertain application for renewal of student pass more than one month before the validity period is over.

If my passport is due for renewal, can i get the international student office to assist me in renewing my passport?

It is the sole responsibility of the passport holder to ensure the validity of the passport and to renew it when it is due. The International Student Office will assist by issuing the necessary documents which may be required by the embassy or issuing authority of the passport. After receiving the new passport, please bring it together with the old passport to the International Student Office for the process of transferring the Student Pass sticker. Your student pass will no longer be valid in your old passport.

If I lose my passport, what should I do?

If you lose your passport, lodge a report of the missing travel document at the nearest police station and notify your country’s embassy or consulate office. Then inform the International Student Office which in turn will assist to notify the Immigration Department of the missing document. The Immigration Department will then issue a special pass to the student. This pass is for the purpose of making arrangements for a new passport from the embassy or the issuing authority of the passport. A fee of RM100 is charged for the application of the special pass which is valid up to a maximum of 30 days (subject to immigration approval).

Are international students covered by insurance?

Yes, all international students are covered according to the Ministry of Higher Education regulations. The insurance does not cover for any pre-existing illnesses or conditions and is subject to exclusion of treatment based on the policy. For more details of your insurance policy please ask the International Student Officers.

Does the insurance cover my eyes and dental check-up?

No. The insurance only covers for emergency and accidental cases during your studies here in Swinburne Sarawak.

Where do I collect my insurance card?

You can collect your insurance card from Student Information Centre (SIC) A001 one month after enrolling at Swinburne University of Technology.


My Testamur has been lost or damaged. How do I go about getting a new/replacement Testamur?

  • Download the Replacement Testamur Request Application from the Student Forms link
  • The form will outline the required documents and the cost applicable to your application.
  • You must also submit a Statutory Declaration from the Commissioner of Oath, a police report on the loss of your testamur and payment of RM250.
  • If damaged, you must bring along a Statutory Declaration from Commissioner of Oath, a police report, return the Damaged Testamur/Certificate and payment of RM250 along with your request.
  • The Statutory Declaration must state your name, student ID, address, phone contact, Course Title for the required testamur. You must also outline the circumstances as to why you need a replacement testamur.

I have changed my name since I graduated. Can I get a new Testamur showing my new name?

Yes. You will need to submit the following documents to Student Information Centre (SIC):

  • Download the Replacement Testamur Request Application from the link
  • A certified statutory declaration, detailing the reason that a replacement testamur is to be issued
  • A certified copy of your change of name certification, e.g. change of name certificate, wedding certificate, Identity Card, etc.
  • Required payment of RM250
  • A short letter outlining any other information not covered by the statutory declaration and requesting a replacement testamur due to the change of name.

Please note that the replacement testamur will have a statement on the bottom that shows it is a replacement certificate along with the date that the original was issued and also show the signatures of the current University senior office bearers.


What are the procedures to apply for a letter for the purposes of:

    1. Confirmation Letter as Student of Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

You need to fill-in the Application for Status Letter.
Submit the completed application to Student Information Centre (SIC) or email
It will take 2 working days for issuance of Status Letter.

    1. Opening of Bank Account

You need to fill-in the Reference Letter Request Form.
Submit the completed application to Student Information Centre (SIC) or email
It will take 2 working days for issuance of confirmation letter.

  1. EPF Withdrawal for Tuition Fee payment

    You need to fill-in the Reference Letter Request Form.
    Submit the completed application to Student Information Centre (SIC) or email
    It will take 2 working days for issuance of EPF Withdrawal Letter.

    1. For First-time applicants, you need to attach the following documents with your application:
      1. Copy of IC
      2. Copy of Student ID card
      3. Copy of Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus offer letter
      4. Copy of invoice
      5. Copy of Registration Summary
      6. Copy of (loan/scholarship provider agreement/offer letter) if applicant is under loan/scholarship
      7. Copy of payment receipt (if applicant has made tuition fee payment)
    2. For the subsequent applications, you need to attach the following documents with your application:
      1. Copy of IC
      2. Copy of Student ID card
      3. Copy of invoice
      4. Copy of Registration Summary
      5. Copy of previous semester’s results
      6. Copy of (loan/scholarship provider agreement/offer letter) if applicant is under loan/scholarship
      7. Copy of payment receipt (if applicant has made tuition fee payment)

Where should I collect the original Referrals Letter?

You can collect your original referral letter at Student Information Centre (SIC) Counter during Working Hours

Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday :
8.30am – 5.00pm
Wednesday :
8.30am – 4.00pm
Friday :
8.30am – 12.00noon / 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Articulation Letter

Students who articulate from Foundation course into Degree course will need an Articulation Letter when applying for scholarships or loans.

Articulation letter is similar to an offer letter given to new students. You need to complete and submit Request for Articulation Letter Form


What is Result Certificate?

A Swinburne Results certificate gives a complete listing of all grades awarded for a course of study, but does not include course completion date or graduation date.

Who can apply for Result Certificate?

All current and non-current Swinburne University of Technology Students.

How do I apply Result Certificate?

Complete and submit Result Certificate Application Form

You can lodge it by fax, mail, email or in person at Student Information Centre (SIC).

Can a representative apply and collect my Result Certificate on my behalf?

Yes. A result certificate can be collected or ordered by a third party.

However a signed authority and a photo ID of that person should be provided as well as ID of the person collecting / requesting the result certificate.


You can find all the Student Administration Forms available in the Swinburne Website under Current Students in Student Administration Forms folder

  • You can fill the form online or fill the form and print it out
  • You can email the form to via your Student Webmail or drop the form personally to Student Information Centre (SIC)
  • Please read the form thoroughly and do sign the form before submitting, as incomplete form will not be entertained
No Forms Description
1 Application for Purchase of Academic Regalia For purchase of Academic regalia upon successfully completing the Course and having applied to graduate
2 Application for Academic Regalia Hire For rental of Academic Regalia upon successfully completing the Course and having applied to graduate
3 Application for Academic Transcript For applying Academic Transcript
NOTE: Only for those who attended the Award/Graduation Ceremony (Graduands)
4 Application for Scholarship To apply for Scholarship offered by Swinburne University. For more information, you can check out under “Scholarship” in Swinburne Website
5 Award-Aegrotat and Posthumous Application This form is to be completed on behalf of the deceased student by a member of the student’s family. The Dean/Director of Academic Unit responsible of the course or by an Administrative Officer responsible for processing the Award
6 Application for Foundation Certificate To apply for Foundation Certificate for Foundation students upon completing the Course and having applied to graduate. The form need to be attached together with a photocopy of IC/passport (profile page)
7 Award/Graduation Application To apply for Graduation Ceremony and Issuance of Testamur for Diploma, Degree, Master and PhD students upon successfully completing the Course and having applied to graduate
8 Award/Graduation – Amendment of Application To amend the Award/Graduation Application
9 Application to Amend Enrolment To change units or a component of the current course (Add/Drop Unit/Subject(s))
10 Examination Clash Notification Form To notify about examination timetable clash
11 Exemption Application To obtain exemptions from Swinburne University or previous institutions
12 Enrol by Proxy Application (Not applicable for International Enrolments) To be filled and completed by the student and his/her proxy for Enrolment
13 First Enrolment Form To be filled by NEW Students during Registration Day
14 Form for student for irreconcilable timetable clashes To be filled by current students who have clashes in their Study Timetable
15 Internal Course/Program Transfer Application To apply for course transfer within the same Faculty or another Faculty
16 Last to Complete Application To apply for supplementary assessment in Final Unit of Study
17 Leave of Absence Application To apply leave for minimum of 6 months and maximum one academic year
18 Personal Details – Amendment Application To amend student’s personal details (if there are changes)
19 Reference Letter Request Form To request for EPF Letter and Opening a bank Account Letter
20 Replacement Testamur Request Application To replace Testamur with the reason:
Lost or destroyed Testamur
Replacement Testamur showing the name change
21 Result Certificate Application For applying to print Result Certificate and Payment of RM5 per copy at Finance before proceeding to Student Information Centre (SIC) for printing
22 Request for Articulation Letter To request for Articulation Letter
23 Single unit of Study Application To apply for single unit of study
24 Special Consideration in Assessment Application (which include Special Examination) To be used by current students to apply for Special Consideration for assessment
25 Status Letter Application To be requested by current and past student for Swinburne to provide the proof of current and past enrolment
26 Student Incident Report Form To lodge a report of incident or misconduct in Campus
27 Withdrawal from Course/Program or Unit of Study Application To be filled by current students who wish to withdraw from course or unit of study

Why is your student ID card important?

  1. As an identification that you are Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus student.
  2. To access the Open Labs and Student Lounge.
  3. For printing at Library and open labs.
  4. For security purposes, especially to enter Campus and exam venues.

How do I apply for my student ID card?

  1. For New Students, you will get your Student ID Card on the spot once your Enrolment is complete. Your Student ID Card will be activated within 5 working days after payment of tuition fees.
  2. For Continuing Students (changing of name or Course), you will need to fill-in the Student ID Card Application available from Student Information Centre (SIC). Card will be ready for collection within 15 minutes.

When should I renew my validity sticker?

Student ID Validity Sticker is important to identify you as a current and active Swinburne Student. Exam invigilators will check on your Student ID validity sticker during exam. You need to renew your Validity Sticker every semester after payment of semester tuition fee. Kindly present your Payment receipt to Student Information Centre (SIC) Counter to receive your Student ID Validity Sticker.

What are the consequences of not renewing my validity sticker?

  1. You will not be considered as our current Semester student
  2. You may be denied entry to exam venue or sit for your Final Examination
  3. You will not be able to borrow books from the Library

If I lost my student ID card, what is the procedure to replace it?

  1. Fill in the Student ID Card Application available at Student Information Centre (SIC).
  2. Application that is attached with a police report on the lost ID, a replacement will be given free of charge.
  3. Application made for a Student ID card replacement without a police report will be charged RM30 per replacement.
  4. For replacement of Student ID Card due to wear and tear and damage, you will be charged RM30.
  5. Replacement student ID card will be ready for collection from Student Information Centre (SIC) within 15 minutes.

Student Experience & Activities


What kinds of student clubs / societies are there in Swinburne university of Technology Sarawak? How do I join them?

Swinburne Sarawak has over 30 student clubs/societies on campus, ranging from academic to recreational and sports clubs. You can find the full list of registered student clubs / societies on our Student Club and Societies website.

There are 3 ways for you to join the Student clubs/societies:

You can wait for the CLUB RECRUITMENT DRIVE that will be held biannual, usually during the 2nd or 3rd week of semester commencement. All clubs will be participating in this DRIVE and it would be the best time for you to know more about the Clubs you are interested in.

You can come directly to Student Services to meet with our officers Miss Leandra, Mr Ahmad Jumry or Mr Azeglio for more information. Alternately you can email them at the following email address:

  1. Ms Leandra –
  2. Mr Azeglio –
  3. Mr Ahmad Jumry –

You can proceed to Swinburne Sarawak Student Council (SSSC) Chillin Crib for more information and registration.

How do I start a student club or society?

Starting a student club or society is a relatively easy process. All new club applications must go through a ratification and affiliation process that begins when an expression of interest form is completed. Download the form at Student Club and Societies page

There are a few things you must do/know before the affiliation procedure can commence including knowing your clubs aims and objectives and having at least 15 members who have expressed interest in the club. Once the forms has been filled out and submitted to the SSSC, the application will be presented to the Student Experience and Activities (SEA) officers for approval. Once approved, the proposed club is eligible to hold an Inaugural General Meeting, collect membership money and open a bank account.

How do I look after my club’s financial records?

It is the duty of the treasurer to keep the clubs books in good order and prepare a financial statement of all major transactions for the annual audit. Keeping accurate and organised financial records is easy if treasurers follow these steps:

  1. Only spend club money if it is approved by your EXCO
  2. Make ALL payments by cheque/cash
  3. Get a receipt for everything
  4. Stick your receipts in a scrapbook
  5. Write up your spending in your financial journal
  6. Manage your clubs income with style, grace and integrity
  7. Write receipts out for monies received
  8. Deposit all money received into the club bank account the day you receive it
  9. Write up your income in your financial journal
  10. Reconcile your journal to the monthly bank statements EACH MONTH

Can student clubs book a classroom for their meetings? How should they go about booking one?

Yes student clubs are able to book venues on campus however; the bookings should be done via their respective Advisor(s). Students are not allowed to book rooms for self-studying, they can go to the library or the Chillin Crib to do so. Room access will only be given to the club’s advisor(s), so please liaise with your advisor to secure the room key or access card from the Facilities department.

How can I find out about events on and off campus?

You can keep up to date on student events on and off campus via announcements made through your Student Webmail (live@edu), Blackboard and LCD Screens and noticeboards around campus as well as on our various social media sites.

  1. Student Experience Facebook: Student Experience Swinburne Sarawak
  2. Student Information Centre’s Facebook: Swinburne SC

How can i book the multipurpose field, badminton court, squash court, futsal court, tennis court or basketball court?

You can book the Court of your choice by filling in the Booking Book at Student Experience and Activities (SEA) office at Ground Floor, Multipurpose Hall. Specifically for Multipurpose Field, Tennis & Futsal Courts; a security slip is required from the student services office to show to the Security Guard before using the facilities. All users who enter the Multipurpose Hall is required to leave their Student ID with the security guards on duty at the entrance and it will be returned once leaving the vicinity.

Where can I meet the sport & recreation officer?

The Sports & Recreation Officer’s office is situated at Ground Floor, Multipurpose Hall.

Are there any sports equipment student’s can use? What is the procedure involved?

Yes, we do have basketball, futsal ball, and football for use. Students are required to fill in the equipment usage form and leave their student ID with the Sports & Recreation Officer.

The ID will be return after the equipment is returned to the sports office. Any student or staff who borrows and damages the equipment will be required to pay for the costs of the items damaged.

What type of attire is required to be worn when playing sports in the MPH?

All users MUST wear proper sports attire when carrying out their sporting activities. However, no one is allowed to take off their shirt at any time while playing.

Although the flooring in MPH is rubberised, users are advised to wear proper sports shoes to prevent any injuries.

Who do I contact to join any clubs to become a member and what sports club do you have in Swinburne University?

You may get in touch with the club committee members through their promotional days during the club recruitment drive which will be in March at the Auditorium in Block G.

We have about 15 active sport clubs and the list is as below:

  • SUTS Ultimate Frisbee
  • SUTS Cricket Club
  • Swinburne Gitokukai Karate-Do Club
  • SUTS Basketball Club
  • SUTS Cycling Club
  • SUTS Table tennis
  • SUTS Taekwando (WTF) Club
  • SUTS Wushu Club
  • SUTS Rugby Club
  • SUTS Badminton Club
  • SUTS Football Club
  • SUTS Kendo Club
  • SUTS Running Club
  • SUTS Tennis Club
  • SUTS Rowing Club

What major sports events can students participate in to represent the University?

Swinburne University participates in the Inter University Sports Competition such as the organised by Ministry of Education such as Futsal & Football Competition, SUKIPT -Tennis and Bowling competition, Golf, MASISWA etc…


I Am interested in joining the SwinGym. what is the procedure to apply for SwinGym?

  1. You need to fill-in the SwinGym Application form available at Student Information Centre (SIC).
  2. Proceed to make payment to Finance Counter with your application. (Kindly refer to the fees stated in the form)
  3. Submit your application and payment receipt to Student Information Centre (SIC) Officer for verification.
  4. For New Member, Membership Card Fee of RM10 will be charged once.
  5. For Continuing Member, normal membership fee will be charged if you wish to continue.
  6. New SwinGym Membership Card is ready for collection from Student Information Centre (SIC) the following working day after submission of application and payment.
  7. You still need to submit your application for membership renewal after your membership period expires.

Will there be any gym officer/assistant that can help me during gym?

Yes. There will be a Gym Assistant to assist you on the proper way to exercise and handling of Gym Equipment.

What is the opening hours for SwinGym?

Mondays to Saturday – 8.00am to 9.00pm
Sunday – 8.00am to 12.30om
Closed on Events and Public Holiday

Important note:
Gym cards are not transferable and members will face disciplinary action if borrowed to others.

Student Business Systems


How and when can I view the overall timetable for the current semester?

To view the overall timetable, please log on to Swinburne website under the Allocate Plus page and click on the Unit of study timetables link. You will be able to view the overall timetable once the Allocate Plus system opens in Preference Entry mode.

What should I do if I have timetable clashes?

You should drop the affected unit and replace with another unit. Kindly check the timetable of your replacement unit to prevent clashes before completing the Application to Amend Re-Enrolment form.

Special arrangement on timetable is only applicable for final semester student. Student with special arrangement needs to submit the completed Form for Student with Irreconcilable Timetable Clashes.

What is the meaning of week pattern in my timetable?

Week pattern is showing the teaching dates of a particular activity. Some activities might not have class on a weekly basis.

Can I change my allocated tutorial/lab group in Allocate Plus?

Yes, you may change it provided that the seat is not full and there is no timetable clash.

Can I join the tutorial group which is showing full status in Allocate Plus?

No, student will not be able to join the tutorial group which is full and is required to remain in the allocated group. Request to change to a group which is full due to personal reason will not be entertained.

Why are there night classes?

Night classes are normal in university and when the units offered are taught by part-time lecturer, the classes will be scheduled after office hour.

Can a foundation student change his/her timetable?

No, the timetable for foundation student is fixed for the semester.


How does Allocate+ work?

Allocate+ is an Internet based class allocation system for Swinburne students that allows them to indicate their preferred attendance time slots for the units of study in which they are enrolled.

Where do I find the user guide on how to use Allocate+?

Click here for the Allocate+ user guide.

Why I cannot get my first preference into my timetable?

Preference Entry is not based on first come first serve basis. These preferences are not your final timetable. Your preferences will be sorted by the system and you will be able to view your allocated activity group during the Allocation Adjustment mode.

Why my password is not work?

Your password may not work as you have not been issued with a Blackboard password. Alternatively, if you have any letters in your Student ID, they should be entered in upper case. I.e. 034635X.

If you are prompted with an error message “No Such User”, it may mean that your enrolment records are still being processed. Try again the next day and if you are still having trouble, please contact Student Information Centre (SIC) at studentHQ as there may be a problem with your enrolment.

What is unit of study?

Unit of study is known as subject.

How do I add/drop the units of study in my enrolment?

Enrolment records cannot be altered in Allocate+. You should submit a completed Amendment to Re-Enrolment Form before the closing date. Refer to Re-enrolment information for deadline and penalty in Blackboard.

I have enrolled in a unit of study, but it doesn’t appear in Allocate+. Why?

Allocate+ retrieves the information from the enrolment database. Thus, if your enrolment has not been processed, it will not appear in Allocate+.

Please try again in the next few days. If the unit of study is still not appearing in Allocate+, please contact Student Information Centre (SIC) at studentHQ as there may be a problem with your enrolment.

I see my enrolled units of study in Allocate+, but there are no activities showing. Why?

Some Activity groups do not have any activities associated with them. In this instance the Activity group may have special allocation requirements or not have any timetabled activities. In either case please contact Student Information Centre (SIC) for advice.

What Activity Groups must I insert a preference for?

You must enter preferences for all Activity Groups within your enrolled units of study e.g. TU1, LA1 and etc which has more than one group.

Why can’t I change my class allocation?

Please note that some allocations cannot be changed as you have been pre-assigned to an activity group by the faculty mainly for project work purposes.

How often do I need to check my allocations

It is recommended that students check their allocations from time to time while Allocate+ is in Allocation Adjustment mode as some teaching activities may have changed or cancelled during this period.

Students will be notified through student webmail of any changes (except for class venue and teaching staff) to teaching activities during Allocation Adjustment mode.

I chose my preferences for a unit of study and now they are no longer there. Why?

The activity time slot that you chose is no longer exists- means that the activity has been removed due to unforeseen circumstances. You will need to choose another time slot.

Why do I see a message “no activities for this unit of study “?

This unit of study is delivered in a different way to the normal timetabled units of study.

What are multipart activities?

If you see the heading “multipart activities” on your screen and input boxes with times and days this means that this delivery structure has been pre-determined. When you select multipart activities you will actually be selecting a group of classes that you must attend. The classes within these groups cannot be mixed.

Why has my allocation been unsuccessful?

An allocation may not have been successful due to a time clash with another class that you have already been allocated to, the maximum class size has already been reached, there may not be enough classes on offer or the class may have been cancelled. Please contact Student Information Centre (SIC) if you encounter this problem and you are unavailable for any other times that are being offered.


Can student book a classroom for student club meeting?

No, all classrooms booking for student club activity must go through the respective club advisor.

Can student book a classroom for self-study?

No, because student can always go to student lounge or library for self-study/revision.

How to get the access for the room booked by the club advisor?

Only the club advisor will be given the permission to access the venue.


How can I view my Exam Timetable?

It’s simple! To view your exam timetable:

  • Log in to Blackboard.
    On “Announcements” page, click on the published Semester/Term Exam Timetable that you would like to view.
    You may view and download a copy of the scheduled Examinations Listing (in MS Excel/PDF format) and Individual Student Exam Timetable – for enrolled students in the Semester/Term only (in MS Excel format).
  • Alternatively, you can view the Overall Listing Scheduled Examinations posted on the Notice Board on Ground Floor and Level 1 of Building G.

When will the Exam Timetable be available?

Semester 1 & 2

  • Provisional – 5 weeks prior to exams
  • Final – 4 weeks prior to exams

Term (Master of Business Administration (International) & Intensive English)

  • Final – 4 weeks prior to exams

Summer & Winter Term

  • Final – 2 weeks prior to exams

Special Exam / Supplementary Assessment

  • 1 week prior to exams

I can’t see my exam in the Published Exam Timetable. What do I do?

If you can’t see your exam in the published exam timetable, you need to check that your unit has a formal examination.

This can be done by checking your unit guide/s through Blackboard, or contacting your Course/Unit Convenor.

If you’re still having issues, please contact Student Information Centre (SIC) at studentHQ.

I see an exam appear in the Exam Timetable that shouldn’t. What do I do?

If an exam is appearing on your exam timetable for a unit that you are not enrolled in, or you experience any other exam timetable errors, please report this to Student Information Centre (SIC) at studentHQ immediately.

There is a clash with my Exam Timetable. What do I do?

If you have two examinations scheduled at the same time (e.g. two examinations scheduled for the same morning), you must complete and submit the Examination Clash Notification form to Student Information Centre (SIC) at studentHQ so an alternative can be arranged.

Please note: deadlines for submitting an Exam Clash Notification form do apply. View our Exam Timetable Publication page for more information, including deadlines.

Why do I have two examinations in one day?

The logistical difficulty of scheduling a large number of examinations involving many students to take place in a limited number of days makes it inevitable that some students will have two examinations on the same day. It is therefore normal University practice to permit this. Where possible we try to ensure that the examinations are not consecutive.

Why do I have examinations on consecutive days?

Due to difficulty of scheduling a large number of examinations involving many students to take place in a limited number of days, it is impossible to avoid student having examinations on consecutive days, sometimes over several days. It is therefore normal University practice to schedule examinations on consecutive days.

Why are all of my examinations scheduled close together?

The difficulty of scheduling a large number of examinations involving many students to take place in a limited number of days makes it is not always possible to spread examinations over the whole examination period.


What is Swinburne Online Survey (SOS)?

SOS refers to Swinburne Online Survey that is generally a data collection systems established to gauge the students approval rating on various aspect of the University. Mainly, the SOS consists of the Student Feedback on Subjects (SFS) andStudent Feedback on Teaching (SFT).

When is the SOS being carried out?

The SOS would be carried out within each academic year. The Student Feedback on Subjects (SFS) and the Student Feedback on Teaching (SFT) would be held on every semester. Each survey would be conducted within a period of time; information regarding the on-going surveys would be informed accordingly.

How do I login to the surveys?

The SOS surveys are accessible via Blackboard system with the student webmail login ID and password. Once login, students would be prompted with the survey announcement in which they would be directed to the survey. Any surveys available for the students’ subject/units will be listed. For better result when viewing the surveys, students are encouraged to use Firefox or Google Chrome.

Are those the only surveys done by the university?

From time to time, the University would carry out various surveys with specified focus such as Ministry of Education’s Tracer Study, Swinburne Sarawak Graduate Survey, Student Barometer Survey and others. The implementation of the survey may or may not be done online. Nonetheless, an announcement of the type and the duration of the survey would be informed accordingly to associated parties.

Description of major surveys involving the University:

Ministry of Education’s Tracer Study: Tracer Study is a government-based survey implemented by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. The survey is carried out every year to get the perceptions and opinions of every graduating student from all institutions of higher learning in the country on their experiences while they were still studying. Feedback collected will be used by the Ministry as well as the University to get a more accurate picture of the institution learning environment. This in turn will help in identifying weaknesses that could be remedied in a more strategic manner.

Graduate Survey: Swinburne Sarawak Graduate Survey is an annual initiative taken by the University towards identifying employment status of its graduates, in addition to collect feedbacks from the graduates regarding their experience studying in the University. Starting 2014, the survey was made available online.

Student Barometer Survey: A global survey from that is carried out to provide definitive measure of the student experience. The survey enables the University to track and compare satisfaction levels of the students and identify specific areas of key importance to the student. It also provides information that will assist in helping the University to identify whether the students would recommend the institutions to others.

Is my feedbacks classified?

Yes. All information and feedback you provided to the SOS or other surveys undertaken by the University is strictly confidential. Findings of the surveys would be made available to the management or those interested parties, however it would only be in a formed of aggregate findings only. The reports provided do not identify individuals.

Commenting in surveys?

Written comments are often the most valuable and important information collected from the surveys therefore every comment is greatly appreciated. Comments that identify individual staff or students or could be considered embarrassing or offensive should not be done. Comments made should also not too specific that could identify you. The University will vet all comments and will remove comments that are deemed offensive.

Student Administration


How do students obtain the academic calendar for the current year?

The Academic Calendar can be obtained from the Swinburne Website and Blackboard.


When would I need a result transcript? How do I get one?

You are only eligible for Academic Transcript if you have completed the course officially. Officially means you have applied for graduation and been given a date of completion or have attended your graduation. Please refer to Student Information Centre (SIC) for details.

What is the difference between Academic Transcript and Result Certificate?

Both documents are official Swinburne documents, printed on Swinburne shield watermarked paper.

Result Certificate can be requested from Student Information Centre (SIC) at any time and the application form can be obtained at Application for Results Certificate amounting RM5.00 per copy.

One (1) copy of Academic Transcript will only be issued upon completion of your study. Should you request for additional copy RM50.00 per copy will be charged. The application form can be obtained from Swinburne website Application for Academic Transcript.


What will happen if students wish to add or drop unit (s)?

Students who wish to add or drop unit(s) are advice to fill the Application to Amend Re-Enrolment which is available in the BLACKBOARD. Students are advice to submit the Amendment application only once to avoid any financial penalty or Academic Penalty. Please seek advice from your coordinator if you are unsure.

When are the deadlines to submit the application to amend re-enrolment?

For the 6-week term:

  • the deadline for adding unit(s) is Monday, Week 1 of the semester.
  • the deadline for withdrawing unit(s) without academic penalty but subjected to forfeiture fees is Friday, the end of Week 2 of the semester.

For the 12-week term:

  • the deadline for adding unit(s) is Friday, the end of Week 1 of the semester.
  • the deadline for withdrawing unit(s) without academic penalty but subjected to forfeiture fees is Friday, the end of Week 4 of the semester.

What happen if the amendment applications were to be submitted after the deadlines?

The Application to Amend Enrolment submitted after the deadlines will not be entertained.WF (withdrawn/fail) grade will be given if withdrawn is done after Week 2, for the 6-week term, and Week 4, for the 12-week term.

Any fees incur for the application to amend re-enrolment?

In accordance with the University’s Refund and Tuition Fees policy – Section 2 to 5, all tuition fee payable are subjected to financial penalty where a certain percentage are forfeited if a student enrolled in a course and decided to Withdraws, takes a leave of absence, has his/her enrolment cancelled or Withdraws from units of study.

Once a student has enrolled in a course and decided to take Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from Course or Unit(s) of Study, a certain percentage is forfeited. Please check with the Finance Department for details.

Will there be any refund if applications are submitted before or after a particular period?

Please refer to the University’s Refund and Tuition Fees policy

Can students take a unit/subject together with its pre-requisite?

No. The pre-requisite unit(s) must be taken and passed before you could enrol into the following unit (s).


When can a student apply for exemption?

Students must apply for exemptions at the time of application (first enrolment). However if exemptions application are made during the semester, students need to seek approval from the Course Coordinator.

How do students apply for exemption (continuing students)?

Students must fill the Application for Advance Standing (Exemptions) form, attach together the syllabus and result of the unit of study that the students have taken and applying for, and proceed to get the approval from the Course Coordinator. Once approved, submit the form and other attachment to Student Information Centre (SIC).

Who should students see if they encounter uncertainties in their unit of study?

Students should seek advice from the Course Coordinator. You can look for your course coordinator from Swinburne website (


I fail 50% or more of the enrolled units or failed the same unit for the 2nd time, what should I do?

You will be issued a letter of ‘At Risk of Exclusion’ via Student Webmail a week after the publication of results each semester. It is compulsory for you to attend the Academic Success Program (ASP) and Academic Performance Commitment Meeting arranged by the University’s Counsellors in the coming semester. You are to repeat the failed units in the following semester and must comply with all the conditions stated in the At Risk letter.


When do I apply for my graduation?

You can apply for your Graduation after your final semester result is published. The Graduation Team will post up an announcement through all channels available in the campus.

When do I receive my tickets and information about my ceremony?

Graduands will be notified on the collection of the Graduation Pack (includes tickets, invitation card, collection and returning of regalia form, and information about the Ceremony) via email approximately three weeks before the Ceremony. Announcements will also be posted in Swinburne Website, Blackboard and Facebook.

How many tickets do graduands/candidates receive?

Each graduand is guaranteed two free guest tickets (graduands do not need a ticket for themselves).

Can I obtain extra guest tickets?

It depends on the ticket availability. Graduands will be advised on booking and payment via email should there be any extra ticket available for purchase. The cost of the extra guest ticket is at RM90.10 each including GST.

When should my guests arrive?

Guests should arrive two hours before the Ceremony begins. They should be seated at the allocated seat not later than 30 minutes prior to the Ceremony starting.

What does the graduation fee cover?

The fee covers the following graduation items:

  • Hire of your academic regalia (gown, hood/stole and trencher, where applicable)
  • Stage Photo by Professional photographers
  • Two guaranteed guest tickets
  • Processing of your Award application and any associated resolution of problems
  • Award Certificate and Graduation tubes
  • Refreshments after the Ceremony

Please note that this is a flat fee and there will not be any fee reduction.

How do I obtain correct academic dress for the ceremony?

Your regalia (academic dress i.e. gown, hood/stole and trencher: where applicable) will be distributed at least a day before the ceremony. Details of the Collection and Returning of Regalia will be provided in the e-Graduation Kit. The Gowning committees will be on hand to show you the steps on how to wear the regalia. There will be a final check on your Regalia by the Gowning Committees before the Ceremony starts.

All graduands must collect their regalia based on the date stated in the e-Graduation kit. Graduands who collect their regalia at the graduation venue will be required to pay RM50.00 for transportation fee.

How long is the ceremony?

The Ceremony is usually between two to three hours depending on the total number or graduands.

When should I arrive on the graduation day?

As a general rule, registration opens two hours before the Ceremony. You must arrive not later than one hour before the Ceremony. Please ensure you are on time, as late arrivals will not be allowed to participate in the Ceremony.

What do I have to do when I arrive at the venue?

You will need to register your attendance at the ceremony with the Graduation team. There will be signage and ushers to direct you to the Registration counter.

Please remember to bring your Student ID or a photo identification document for verification. A seat card will be given to you. It is important you keep the card as it will help you when lining up for the processional.

Registration counter closes one hour before the ceremony – please do not be late! After the registration, staff members will be available to check on your regalia before you enter the Hall.

Is there any rehearsal before the ceremony?

There will be NO rehearsal before the ceremony. You must be seated in the hall by 8.30am; you will be reminded either via a bell or an announcement. Once seated in the great hall, you will be briefed on the graduation formalities and will not be permitted to leave the hall.

What should I wear to the ceremony?

The recommended attire for the occasion is formal for women and office attire for men. We suggest you to dress as per formal job interview. Jeans, skirts above the knee, sneakers, slippers are NOT allowed.

Will there be a photographer at the venue?

A professional photographer will be available at the venue for stage photograph. Student will need to make separate arrangement for family or group photo.

Where will I be sitting?

Graduands are to be seated in their allocated seat at the front rows of the hall. You will not be sitting with your family as there are designated seats for parents and guests.

How do I know that I am eligible to graduate?

You are considered eligible to graduate upon receiving the e-Graduation Kit. The kit will be emailed to your Student Webmail and Contact Email that has been stated in your application form.

If you are ineligible to graduate?

You will be notified via email if your application is not successful due to ineligibility. Should you have any enquiries, please contact Student Information Centre (SIC) at If you have made your payment to attend the Ceremony, you may ask for refund on your Graduation fees by completing the refund form.

What happens if I want to change my application or personal details?

Kindly fill in the Amendment to Application for Award/ Graduation Forms . The form needs to be submitted to Student Information Centre (SIC) at not later than one month after the submission deadline of Application for Award/Graduation. You will be notified later via email once the amendment is completed.

Can I keep my regalia up until the next day or pick it up a day early?

Yes, there will be an announcement for collection and returning of regalia. Any returning done a day after the scheduled date will be charged RM60.00 rental per day. Payment need to be made at Treasury Counter upon returning of the regalia.

What if I change my mind not to attend the graduation ceremony after that?

You will be charged RM100.00 for cancellation of attending the graduation ceremony after your application has been submitted.


What should we do if there is a clash of examination?

Any clashes (2 examinations at the same time) must be reported by filling in the Examination Clash Notification Form and to submit it to Student Information Centre (SIC) (previously known as Student Information Centre) within date stated in the Provisional examination schedule. Please note that once Final examination schedule have been finalized, no further changes will be made.


What is Conceded Pass (cp)?

CP will be awarded to student who obtained overall marks of 45%-49%.

It is only awarded ONCE throughout the course.

It is not applicable to Foundation, Postgraduate and Single Unit of Study courses.


When is the enrolment & registration day for all new students?

The Enrolment & Registration Day including date and time for new students is stated in the Offer Letter.

How do continuing students know when can they re-enrol into the following semester?

Re-enrolment announcement will normally be posted on the Blackboard and emailed to the students’ webmail to inform the students of the opening the closing dates of re-enrolment. An Enrolment Information Kit with all the important information is attached for reference.

Where do continuing students obtain the application to re-enrolment and application to amend re-enrolment?

The Application for Re-enrolment and Application to Amend Enrolment will be made available on BLACKBOARD. It is the students’ responsibility to keep a copy of the form for reference and to submit before the deadline. Students are required to refer to the units offered before filling the Unit Section in the form.

How many units can students enrolled?

A standard semester’s study load for all Degree programs and Diploma in Business is 4 units whereas for Diploma in Engineering and all Foundation programs are 5 units. Students are not allowed to enrol more or overload unless it is approved by the Faculty Dean.

Is there any penalty for late enrolment?

Yes. Application for Re-enrolment received after the closing date will be charged a LATE ENROLMENT PENALTY of RM200.00.

What will happen after the submission of application to re-enrolment? When will the students receive their registration summary and invoice?

Upon receiving the Application for Re-enrolment, the Enrolment Officer will enrol according to the preferred units stated on the application form. You will be notified through your webmail that you have been successfully enrolled and your Registration Summary and Invoice will also be emailed to you before the class commencement.

Do students get the chance to choose their own classes for the units enrolled?

For Degree or Diploma students, you will be given a chance to choose your own slot for the tutorial lab only using the Allocate+. You are advice to check the announcement in the BB regularly on when to start allocating yourself. There is a timeline for it. As for the Foundation students, your timetable is fixed. No changes are allowed.

When do students make payment of tuition fees?

Once you have received the invoice, you can start making your payment or settle it within seven (7) working days after the commencement of a semester.


Where can I find my English Placement Test (EPT) outcome?

The outcome will be released within 3 working days after the test. Please liaise with Business Development and Communications for the outcome letter.


Where can I find my examination results?

You can access your examination results via Blackboard.

I am having trouble gaining access into BB, who should I contact?

If you are unable to gain access into BB due to a login problem, kindly contact ITS Department to check if your username and password is current. ITS Department is located on the Ground Floor, Building G.

I cannot view my results for all enrolled units, what should I do?

If this happens to you it could be due to your result withheld due to outstanding fees. You are advised to contact Finance or Financial Aid Officer (if you are under any loans or scholarships only) for further action.

I cannot view result for one of my unit, who should I contact?

If you are unable to view one of your results, please contact Student Information Centre (SIC) via email at or 082-260600 (General Line). Any updates will be emailed to the Student Webmail within 24 hours.


What time does the examination start?

There are 3 examination sessions which consist of morning examination begins at 9.00 am, afternoon examination begins at 2.00 pm, and evening examination begins at 7pm.

What is my desk number? How do I know where I will be seated?

Please check your desk number allocated on the examination name list before entering the examination venue for each examination. You must be seated according to the allocated seat number. The examination name list is pasted at the entrance of the exam venue.

What time should I be in the examination venue?

You should arrive at the examination venue at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination.

What should I bring to every examination?

You must bring your current and valid student ID and place it on your desk, at the top right-hand corner, throughout the duration of the examination. Please make sure that you have adequate writing utensil as borrowing such items among candidates is strictly prohibited during the examination. You are therefore strongly advised to take with you into the examination room only those items needed such stationeries, allowable calculators, dictionary and etc

I forgot to bring my student ID during the final / re-sit examination or lost my student ID card. What should I do?

You must report to the examination supervisor on duty immediately and request to use other identification card such as IC, driving license, passport or any photographic Identification card. If you do not bring any ID cards, a temporary student ID card will be given to you which can only be used once throughout the examination period. You must remember to bring your Student ID card in your next examination or you may be prevented from taking the examination.

What not to bring to examination hall?

Any materials, equipment and or documents that are not authorized or permitted for use in that examination. If you are caught in possessions of any unauthorized material, whether or not you intend to use it, you will be subjected to disciplinary action.

What if I am absent for the examination?

If you are absent for a scheduled examination without any valid reasons, you will be deemed to have failed that examination and will not be considered for a Re-sit or Special Examination.

Can I bring my mobile phone into the examination hall?

NO. Mobile phones are to be switched off and placed in your bag or on the floor. Any misconduct done during exam will be reported to CRAM and further investigation might be done.

I am late because of traffic / feeling unwell / car break-down / overslept?

Students who are late for more than 30 minutes after the writing time of the examination will not be allowed in to the examination hall.

What if I fail to attend a scheduled examination on medical ground?

If a student fails to attend a scheduled examination on medical grounds, he / she can request for a Special Consideration (Special Examination). However, please note that only a medical report from a registered medical practitioner OR proof of hospitalization will be accepted for this purpose. The application for the Special Consideration Examination must be made and submitted to Student Information Centre (SIC) not later than 3 working days from the scheduled examination date. The application form can be obtained from Swinburne Website.

What if I misread the examination schedule?

Students who fail to attend an examination because they misread an examination schedule shall not receive any concession from the University.


When will the provisional examination schedule to be published?

The PROVISIONAL examination schedule will be published ONE (1) MONTH PRIOR TO THE EXAMINATION PERIOD. Students have one (1) week to provide feedback or report on clashes of schedule to Student Information Centre (SIC), if any. Please be reminded NOT to make any travel reservations prior to the publication of FINAL examination schedule.

When will the final examination schedule to be published?

The FINAL examination schedule with venue will be published TWO (2) WEEK BEFORE THE START OF EXAMINATION.

Where can I find the examination schedule?

Both Provisional and Final examination schedule for every semester will be available on the web via the Blackboard. This information can also be viewed on the notice boards in Level 1 and Ground Floor, Building G.


Who can apply for internal course or major transfer?

Students who have studied at least one semester before they are eligible to apply for course transfer.

How do students apply for the course/major transfer?

Students must fill the Application for Internal Course Transfer form which is available from the website and seek advice and approval from the Course Coordinator. Once done, submit to Student Information Centre (SIC).

What happen to the units that students have completed in the previous course?

Any similar or identical units that have been completed in the previous course (if any and subjected to the Faculty’s approval) will be recorded as exemption units in the current course. It will appear as exemptions and the CGPA will not be shown and counted in the Course’s Academic Transcript.

When is the deadline to submit the internal course transfer form?

The deadline to submit the form is the last teaching period of the semester.


Who is eligible for Leave of Absence (LOA)?

Students who are enrolled in a course are eligible to apply for a maximum of one academic year.

How do students apply for Leave of Absence (LOA)?

Students must complete and submit the Application for Leave of Absence form to Student Information Centre (SIC) before end of the fourth week after the semester commence and for next semester, the submission must be done at least 4 weeks before semester commence.


Who can apply for Last To Complete?

  • Final year or final semester student who obtained a pass result in all units except one; and
  • Student who never granted Last to Complete (Supplementary Assessment) before; and
  • Student who have fulfilment of all assessment requirements for the unit and the achievement of a mark of 40% and above.
  • It is not applicable to Foundation, Postgraduate and Single Unit of Study courses.

How to apply for Last To Complete?

You need to submit the Last to Complete form within the five (5) working days after the publication of results. Examinations Office will notify the students at least five (5) working days and before the scheduled Supplementary Assessment or Special Examination date.

How will I know the outcome of my application for Last To Complete?

Examinations Office will notify you on the outcome via Student Webmail. Please check your Student Webmail regularly.


When can I collect my result certificate?

The issuance of result certificate is upon request. Each request will be charged RM5.00. The application form can be obtained from Swinburne Website. Once completed, the form must be emailed or submitted to Student Information Centre (SIC).

I am unable to collect my result certificate after request, what should I do?

You could authorise a proxy to collect on your behalf. In this situation, you are required to write an authorisation letter and the proxy need to bring it along during collection.

What are credit points and how do they work?

Please note that our grading scheme of awarding HD, D, C, P and N will remain as our primary grading system, the inclusion of the GPA calculation is only a supplement for financial aid and scholarship applications, EPF withdrawal, and employment.


What is Unsatisfactory Progress (Show Cause)?

You will be categorised as Unsatisfactory Progress (Show Cause) if:-

  • Failed 50% or more of the enrolled units in the two most recent semester; and / or
  • Failed the same unit the 3rd time inclusive of Re-sit Exam; and / or
  • Failed all units enrolled in two consecutive semesters

What should I do if I am under this category?

You are required to write a formal Show Cause Letter to explain (‘show cause’) why your academic progress has been unsatisfactory. The submission must be attached along with Show Cause Submission Form which is available in the Swinburne Website.

Your application must be submitted by the deadline stated in the letter either in person or by email to the address listed on the submission form.

Provide certified documented evidence that support your reasons for unsatisfactory academic progress (if any).

What should I do next after submission of Show Cause letter and form?

Your show cause will be reviewed by the University. If your written application is not accepted or if further information is needed, you will be required to attend a Student Progress Review Hearing.

When is the Student Progress Review Hearing?

The date of Student Progress Review Hearing is published at the Academic Calendar at the beginning of semester. Please check your student webmail regularly for notification.

What if I could not attend the Student Progress Interview?

You must attend the interview that has been arranged. Failure to attend the interview will result in automatic exclusion from the course. Should you wish to make further arrangement, please contact the Examinations Officer or Secretary of Student Progress Review Committee at least 2 days before the hearing session, otherwise you are to be automatically excluded.

What if I cannot meet the deadline to submit Show Cause letter?

If you are unable to meet the deadline due to circumstances beyond your control, you must contact the Examinations Officer or Secretary of the Student Progress Review Committee within five (5) working days from the date of the letter to explain why you cannot meet the deadline and when the Show Cause letter will be delivered.

What if I do not submit the Show Cause letter?

Failure to submit a Show Cause letter or to contact the Secretary of the Panel Review Committee by the deadline specified in the letter will normally result in the exclusion of the student. You will be issued a letter, Failed to Show Cause – Excluded.

What should I do if I am excluded from the university?

You can only re-apply after the exclusion period subject to the normal application and selection procedures.

Can I appeal on the decision made by the Student Progress Review panel?

Yes, however you must submit your appeal within 21 working days from the date of the letter. Appeals should be lodged to CRAM at Student Reviews and Appeals.


What can a counsellor help with?

Counsellors help with both problems and self-development matters. They see a lot of students every day in relation to a wide range of concerns. The issues can be big or small, including for example academic, personal, relationships, family, living situation, health, depression, stress/ anxiety, and combination as varied as there are different individuals.

How does counselling help?

Counsellors are trained to be good listeners. They can be like a “sounding-board” that clearly reflects what is happening for you to increase your awareness, improve your understanding and empower you to be the agent of change and resolution. In counselling you don’t give advice but help to explore your options. Counsellors are experienced with a wide range of topics and can teach different tools and techniques to help with achieving your goals. They also guide you in the right direction for further help when needed. Research has proven that counselling is helpful mostly because you develop a unique relationship with a counsellor who is non-judgemental, unbiased, culturally sensitive, caring and supportive.

Do counsellors use psychological tests?

You are not required to take psychological tests. Sometimes a counsellor might suggest a test or questionnaire that can provide useful information to better help you with your problems. They must always get your permission first and explain you the purpose of the test and later the results.

How long does counselling take?

Generally a counselling session is 50 minutes, but you can ask for a shorter session. Swinburne has a short-term counselling model of up to 4 sessions per student. This number can be flexible depending on your situation and issues. You may need only one or two sessions. The counsellor will also assist you if you need a referral for longer-term counselling outside of Swinburne. You can discuss and work out with your counsellor what is best for you.

What are the qualifications of a counsellor?

The counsellors at Swinburne are registered and licensed with the Board of Counsellors Malaysia, and the Association of Counsellors Malaysia. They have had many years of study and practical experience.

Can I choose or change my counsellor?

We have three full time counsellors on campus. When you make an appointment you get the first available counsellor. If you have a particular counsellor in mind you may ask for them depending on their availabilities. As a general rule we discourage changing counsellors once you have started seeing one. This is for the sake of continuity and consistency in treatment/ approach. However if you have concerns with your counsellor, you can either discuss that with them or ask Reception to help you speak with the manager who may help you change counsellor.

What does it mean that counselling is confidential?

What you say and discuss in counselling will remain between you and the counsellor and not be passed-on to anyone else (for e.g. your teacher or family members). The counsellor will need your consent if they need to share any private information you have told them. The only exceptions to the confidentiality-rule are when there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or others, and if the court of law requests information. In either instance the counsellor will do their best to keep you informed and involved. You may wish to read the Swinburne Privacy Statement.

How do I make an appointment?

You can phone, or just drop-in at the campus where you study, during business hours. Sometimes there may be a short waiting period so it is best to call/ make a booking ahead of time. You will be asked to email to Swin-eCounselling , where you give a few more details about your reasons for seeking counselling, which will help determine how urgently you need an appointment. Swin-eCounselling emails are processed by a counsellor and will be treated confidentially

Do I have to pay?

No, counselling is free for all currently enrolled students.

What if I don’t want to or I’m not sure about coming in in person?

You have nothing to lose by trying out a counselling session as it is not binding. If you have any further questions or concerns before deciding to make an appointment, you can email counselling-enquiries (Swin-eCounselling): . You may also find useful and relevant information via our online resources. The advantage of Swinburne student counselling is that it is free and available for all students.

Is counselling available for off-campus?

If you are unable to phySCally attend face-to-face counselling you may be eligible for Swin-eCounselling.


What is Swin-eCounselling and what is it for?

Swin-eCounselling is a new service developed for Swinburne University students. Swinburne’s eCounselling service is designed to provide students with support and advice about issues that may be affecting their study or private wellbeing, via an online question and answer system. You may be experiencing some relationship problems or have some questions about the mental health of yourself or someone you know, for example. Sending a question via the Swin-eCounselling service allows you to ask these questions, which, for whatever reason, you may not feel comfortable asking someone face-to-face.

What kind of questions are answered by the Swin-eCounsellors?

Swin-eCounselling is not intended to replace therapeutic face-to-face counselling of an ongoing nature, however the Swin-eCounsellors can help you with any day-to-day concerns that you may be experiencing, or to establish whether you may benefit from seeing a counsellor or another health professional to help you overcome these difficulties. For ongoing or more serious issues, face-to-face counselling or psychotherapy is usually advised.

Some common issues addressed by the Swin-eCounselling service include concerns about mental health, relationship difficulties, study problems, multicultural issues, career issues and other emotional issues that can affect students and young adults. Any questions that relate directly to a course or Swinburne University itself should be directed to the Student Information Centre (SIC) (SC) rather than the Swin-eCounselling service.

Who can use the Swin-eCounselling service?

The Swin-eCounselling service is designed for students at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus who may have questions of a personal nature they feel uncomfortable or unable to ask a counsellor in person. A valid Swinburne email address is required to submit a question. Due to resource limitations, Swinburne eCounselling is not currently available to the public.

Is Swin-eCounselling anonymous?

Strictly speaking, questions submitted to the Swin-eCounselling service are not anonymous, but are confidential. Swin-eCounselling questions are sent via a secure email form to a counsellor. In order to receive an answer to your submitted question, a valid student email address must be provided. While this means your email address will be viewable by the Swin-eCounsellor answering your question, this typically only identifies your student number and not your name. Submitted questions therefore are not considered anonymous, but are strictly confidential. Swin-eCounsellors will not attempt to match your student number to your name furthermore, except if they have a strong suspicion that you are at risk of causing serious harm to yourself or someone else.

All available measures have been taken to ensure the confidentiality of your questions, and no identifying information will be released to anyone outside the Swin-eCounselling team, unless it is required by law. If such a case arises, however, we will endeavour to discuss this with you first.

How long will I have to wait for a response to my question?

Depending on the nature of your question and the amount of questions awaiting an answer at any particular time, it is anticipated that a Swin-eCounsellor will usually respond to your question within 3 working days. If your question requires a more complex answer or there are already a large number of questions awaiting a response, however, it is possible that your response may be delayed. We nevertheless will answer your question as soon as possible. If you have not received an answer some time after posting your question, please ensure you are checking your Swinburne email account, as this is where your response will be directed. Contact the ITS Service Desk (ext 5000) for instructions on how to redirect mail from your swinburne account, should you prefer to use an alternative email address.

If you are unable to wait for a response, you can contact the counsellors (by phone or in person) for a speedier response.

How much does Swin-eCounselling cost?

Swin-eCounselling is a free service offered to all students at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus. In some cases you may be advised to seek face-to-face contact with a Counsellor or another health professional, however such referrals will be made to low cost services where possible.

How is the confidentiality of my question ensured?

The online question form has been designed with privacy and confidentiality in mind. Once the email is submitted, all information within the email (including your email address) is emailed to a Swin-eCounsellor. Only those with the authority to answer the questions are then able to access the Swin-eCounselling emails.

Due to quality assurance, Swin-eCounsellors may discuss your question with their supervisor. This will again be discussed in strict confidence and is intended as a measure of ensuring you receive the most helpful and accurate reply possible. Any record of these discussions will be stored securely together with your email and response.

Should we discover that your question is one asked frequently by students, it may be helpful to publish your question, and the accompanying response in our FAQ section. This will only occur where you have expressed permission in the submitted question form to publish your question. If your question is to be published, any identifying information, such as your email address, name or any identifying specifics of your situation (e.g. your course name etc.) will be removed first, and the response will be directed towards all Swinburne students. Note that in this case, you will still receive an individualised response in your email, and will be notified of our intention to publish your question as an FAQ.

Who responds to my Swin-eCounselling question?

The team at Swin-eCounselling are tertiary-qualified counsellors, with particular experience in dealing with issues that affect students and young adults.

Why am I asked if I agree for my question to be published as an FAQ?

There are sometimes questions which students commonly ask Swin-eCounsellors that may involve a similar response. In order to save time, for both students and the Counsellors responding to their questions, it can be beneficial to list these questions in our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section so that all students can read the response, rather than several students submitting a similar question. Should we discover that your question is one asked frequently by students, we may decide to publish your question, and the accompanying response, in our FAQ section. This will only occur where you have expressed permission in the submitted question form to publish your question.

If your question is to be published, any identifying information, such as your email address, name or any identifying specifics of your situation (e.g. your course details etc.) will be removed first, and the response will be directed towards all Swinburne students. Note that in this case, you will still receive an individualised response to your email, and will be notified of our intention to publish your question as an FAQ.

What do I do if I have a complaint or feedback about the Swin-eCounselling service?

The Swin-eCounselling service is still very new so we are very grateful for any feedback students may have, as this helps us to ensure we are meeting students needs as best as possible. Please feel free to send your feedback to

If you wish to make a complaint against the Swin-eCounselling service or a Swin-eCounsellor, please direct your concerns in the first instance to and we will do our best to resolve these issues for you. As with all Swin-eCounselling emails, these concerns will be kept in strict confidence.

When is it better to use a face-to-face service than the Swin-eCounselling service?

The Swin-eCounselling service is not intended to replace therapeutic face-to-face counselling of an ongoing nature, however we can help you with any day-to-day concerns that you may be experiencing, or to establish whether you may benefit from seeing a counsellor or another healthcare professional to help you overcome these difficulties. Some issues may be less appropriate for online counselling than face-to-face sessions, such as psychiatric disorders that involve distortions of reality, suicide, sexual abuse, and violent relationships. For ongoing or more serious issues, face-to-face counselling or psychotherapy is usually advised.

It is important to recognise that there are risks and limitations to online counselling. These include: Misunderstandings, which can arise due to a lack of non-verbal cues; Email messages may not be received, or can be delayed; and we cannot ensure the privacy of emails at your end. Confidentiality is also limited by the security of the technology being used, and while all effort is taken to ensure this is minimised it may not be guaranteed.

If you are experiencing a crisis and need help urgently, it is imperative that you contact a healthcare professional, in person or over the phone, immediately.

Are there any services that provide long-term online therapy in the community?

Due to the limitations and risks involved with online therapy, most services will recommend face-to-face therapy for ongoing issues. It is acknowledged that making the decision to see a counsellor is often difficult when you need help with personal issues, and many people can be unsure about whether it will help, or what counselling actually involves.

For this reason many services such as Swinburne’s eCounselling service can help you make the transition to face-to-face counselling after a few online sessions, and help you feel more comfortable talking with someone in person.

There are a number of other online counselling service available in the wider community, should you find Swinburne’s eCounselling unsuitable. These can typically be found by typing ‘online counselling’ into your chosen internet search engine. Swinburne takes no responsibility for such external online services, however, and if you choose to access another online counselling service, it is advised that you ensure you are fully informed of the risks involved first. In most cases long-term therapy is safer and more effective when conducted face-to-face.

Can I use a non-Swinburne email address to submit a question to a Swin-eCounsellor?

As the Swin-eCounselling service is designed for students at Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus and not currently available to the public, a valid Swinburne email address is required to submit a question. This ensures that all questions responded to are from Swinburne University students. If you do not check your Swinburne email account regularly, however, it is possible to have all Swinburne emails redirected to a different email address that you use more often (such as a hotmail or yahoo email account). Contact the ITS Helpdesk (ext 5000) for instructions on how to do this.


If students withdraw from Swinburne to join another colleges or institution and then wish to come back to study, what do students need to do?

If students have withdrawn from Swinburne and wish to come back, they need to reapply at the Business Development and Communication to resume their studies.

What do students need to do for withdrawal from course or unit?

Students, who intended to discontinue their studies, need to officially withdraw from the course by submitting an Application Withdrawal from Program, which is available from the Swinburne Website. Please complete the application before submitting it to Student Information Centre (SIC).

For Withdrawal of Unit (s), please refer to Application to Amend Enrolment.