Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

Our Unique Features

Australian Curriculum

The curriculum at the Sarawak campus is sourced directly from Swinburne Australia and has therefore been rigorously vetted for quality prior to its accreditation in Australia.

Academic Advisory Board

This board is made up of key academics leaders from both the Sarawak campus as well as Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.


Highly qualified and experienced academics are appointed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. A significant number of our academics hold PhDs and Masters, and have had industry experience in their field of expertise.


Examinations are moderated by Swinburne, Australia academic staff to regulate the setting and marking of examinations.

Student Exchange Program

Swinburne Student Exchange Program offers selected current degree students from the Sarawak campus (those in the second year onwards) an unmatched opportunity to enrich their tertiary learning experience in Melbourne at Malaysian costs.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Swinburne aims to become a renowned centre for entrepreneurship and innovation, which will be a hallmark of everything we do. We will prepareour graduates to participate in the new economy and society of the 21st Century and heighten your awareness of, and capacity to make the choice between employment and self-employment.


Swinburne is committed to an ongoing process of internationalisation. We seek to be held in high regard globally, have an international focus in all we do, an international culture and outlook. We aim to be a university that equips its graduates to thrive in an increasingly globalised environment, and to achieve a balance between the academic, social, economic, ethical and environmental dimensions of internationalisation.

Industry-Based Learning (IBL)

In 1963 Swinburne University of Technology in Australia pioneered Industry-Based Learning (IBL), a program that trains students by placing them within the industry during their undergraduate study. Students have an option to complete six to 12 months of IBL relevant to their course of study within the industry. Engineering students are also required to undergo a compulsary Professional Experience in Engineering, a cumulative equivalent of 12 weeks full-time industry experience.