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Certified CSR and Sustainability Management Professional

Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak is pleased to announce that this 2-day executive certified programme is now open for registration!

Workshop on Emerging CSR Trends & Impact on Business, specifically on the critical tools to meet the new demand for Companies and Organizations to be Socially Responsible, beyond philanthropic activities! Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is just about everything in today’s business environment. It is no longer a public relations exercise with some philanthropic activities. It is now a requirement for Public Companies to report such activities in their Annual Reports. Local Companies who may be part of the Global Supply Chain will also have to be in compliance with their Principal offices on Social Responsibilities (SR).

This HRDF-claimable certification programme is designed to give the participants an enhanced learning platform through the use of a variety of interactive, hands-on activities, including:

  • Lectures
  • Interactives Discussions
  • Case Studies
  • Exercises

Each participant will leave with a personal development plan, and successful participants shall receive the “Certified CSR and Sustainability Management Professional” Certification from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak and MEF Academy.

Program dates

  • 18-19 April 2018


  • RM1,590 per person (MEF member)
  • RM1,696 per person (Non – member)

Closing date of registration

  • 12 April 2018

Course details

– Target beneficiaries, course objectives and course content.

Target beneficiaries

This course will benefit participants in all administrative training related fields, including :

  • Company Secretaries
  • Accountants
  • Senior Managers
  • Senior Executives in Corporate and Communication
  • Human Resource and Administration
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Public Relation
  • Compliance Management
  • Decision Make

Course objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Understanding Competency Mapping in TNA
  • Develop the appropriate skills as a Certified CSR and Sustainability Management Professional
  • Understand CSR concepts and the new trend in Social Responsibility with elements of accountability, transparency and ethics to your organization
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for businesses to ensure business sustainability with the integration of CSR best practices into the business
  • Analyze SR Principles. Scope and Core issues which can impact on trade and investment and also its impact on the supply chain
  • Identify and engagement of stakeholders and design tools to assimilate global initiatives, conventions and instruments to meet the demands of SR Investors
  • Adopt techniques and learn how you can implement CSR best practices and comply with listing requirements in your Sustainability Reports
  • Transform your organization to be Socially Responsible Player in the Corporate World

Course content

Participants are required to attend all 2 days of the programme, which focus on specific training skillsets. The topics covered during the programme include:

Module 1

  • CSR Concepts, Evolutions, Myths & Misuse
  • Definitions, Stakeholders, Core Topics, Trends & Impact
  • Triple Bottom Line & “Substitute” for SR Deficiencies
  • Group Exercise – Trends that Impact on Organization

Module 2

  • The CSR Professionals – Roles & Responsibilities
  • CSR Development, Engagement & Legitimacy
  • Sustainable Development, Governance & Human Rights
  • Case Studies – Environmental Concerns, Work Place & Governance

Module 3

  • Environmental Concerns & Fair Trade Practices
  • SR Linkage to Trade – Globalization
  • CSR Principles, Practices, Challenges & Issues for SMEs
  • Case Studies – Sustainability, Deforestation & Palm Oil

Module 4

  • Development of ISO 26000 SR Guideline Standards
  • A glimpse of the challenges – Voluntary/MSS
  • SR Definitions under ISO 26000 – Liaison Partners
  • SR Applications – the Supply Chain & Compliance

Module 5

  • Reporting Requirements & References
  • International Conventions, Instruments & Initiatives, examples:
    • The UN Global Compact o Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)
    • Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), etc
  • Group Exercise – Complicity

Module 6

  • CSR Practices of Malaysian Organization
  • Malaysian/Asian CSR Framework – Affirmative Actions
    • Environment, Governance and Consumerism
  • Integrating SR into the Business Certification Assignment – Assessment & Evaluation

Trainer information

– Trainer information.

Dr Michael Chiam  was appointed to the National Mirror Committee as an Industry Expert on Social Responsibility (SR). He was a member of the team representing Malaysia in the ISO Working Group on SR. He was trained on Social Dialogue and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) under the auspices of UN ILO in Turin in 2003. Subsequently he became a Researcher, Writer and Speaker on CSR and related core issues for the last ten years. He shares and advises corporations on CSR trends and impact on Malaysian trade and investment. He represents the Industry Group from the Developing Countries and was involved at all its Global Plenary meetings and dialogues on the development of ISO 26000 Guideline Standards on SR.

How to register

– Entry requirements and application process.

Entry requirements

As the main language of instruction is English, you will be required to be proficient in the language.

Application process

To apply for this course, please fax or email all registration to

Cik Nazlina or Cik Rosznanariah
Tel : 03 7955 7778
Fax: 03 7955 1945
Email : nazlina@mef.org.my / roszana@mef.org.my

Or download an application form below.