Sports & Recreation

The SEA manages the student sports clubs programs. Join a club, keep active, maybe even compete in Uni Games!

The SEA Sports and Recreation program consists of various sports games with sporting events, also linking in with Funs Run or Night Run. We are also responsible for Swinburne’s vibrant sporting clubs and can offer funding to affiliated clubs to compete in various competitions.

Rules & Regulation

Rules when using Sports Facilities in Swinburne University
  1. Strictly for students and staff only.
  2. Use proper sports attire when playing.
  3. Booking are to be done during office hours.
  4. Users are to put back all equipment properly after using e.g. Table Tennis table, badminton post and nets.
  5. Observe all rules and regulations of the Multipurpose Hall.
Rules when borrowing sports equipment
  • Only for Swinburne student.
  • Present valid student ID upon receiving of equipment and ID shall be retain at the Sport & Recreation office until returning of the equipment borrowed.
  • Must be responsible for the equipment e.g. Balls, rackets. Any damages, puncture should be reported immediately to Sport & Recreation Office.
  • Any damage shall be paid by the student accordingly.
  • Borrowing and returning of equipment must be done during office hours ONLY.