Located on 1st floor at Multi-purpose Hall (MPH)
  • You have to be a member to use the gym.
  • Membership for 1 month is RM30 (not included GST).
  • Each member will use a gym card with a charge of RM10.
  • Immediate usage of the gym.
  • New and clean equipment.
  • Vibrant environment.
How to become a member of SwinGym
  • Fill in the SwinGym form available at Student Information Counter (SIC) 1st floor Block G and understand all the Terms and conditions.
  • Make payment at next counter Finance Department.
  • Present your receipt and form after payment to Student Information Counter for verification.
  • Student ID will be activated at least 3 working days.
  • Proceed to the gym at your convenient.
  • Enjoy your work out and enjoy a healthy life and be fit for your own health.

Operation Hours

Monday – Friday   7am – 9pm
Saturday   7am – 5pm
Sunday /Public Holidays / Official Events   Closed

Important note:
Gym cards are not transferable and members will face disciplinary action if borrowed to others.

Do’s & Dont’s

How To start Using the Gym Equipment
  1. Register before and after doing gym workout.
  2. Do proper stretching for at least 10mins.
  3. Warm up on cardio machines e.g. Bicycles 15mins, elliptical 15mins, Treadmills 20mins.
  4. Proceed to the various types of machine.
  5. Members advise to bring own towels to wipe sweat after workout.
What Not To Do in the SwinGym
  1. Strictly for paying members only.
  2. Playing loud music and annoying others.
  3. Leaving the weights on floors after using.
  4. Not using proper attires like jeans and slippers during your workout.
  5. No one is allowed to take off the shirts during workout
*Note: Please seek assistance from the gym assistant if you want to know more on how to use the gym equipment and types of workout.