Alternate assessment arrangements (AAA)

Alternate assessment arrangements (AAA)

Alternate assessment arrangements (AAA) may be provided if:

  • an assessment item has been lost, stolen or damaged
  • national or specialist commitments affect a student’s ability to undertake or complete assessment in the circumstances
  • a student who has a scheduled exam that falls on a specific day where the student has a cultural or religious commitment, may be granted a special exam, subject to provision of evidence demonstrating that the student is not permitted to attend the campus or exam centre.

An AAA is an adjustment or alteration to the standard conditions or format of assessment. It can apply to any formal assessment task or exam described in the Unit of Study outline.

An AAA does not represent a weakening or lowering of the academic standard being assessed. Students must still meet the inherent requirements of the course and unit.

How to apply

Apply for an AAA by contacting Student Central. Where possible you should apply at least four weeks before the first assessment task covered by your application.

Applications must include supporting documentation (example: police, lecturer, government body, sporting body, doctor,) to confirm the exceptional circumstances, circumstances around lost, stolen or damaged assessment item, or the national or specialist commitment.

For cultural or religious commitments that fall on e day of a scheduled exam, the documentation must include evidence demonstrating that the student is not permitted to attend the campus or exam centre.


Possible outcomes of an AAA application may include:

  • Extension to due date
  • Alternative examination date
  • Permission to re-submit

Your responsibilities

All communications regarding your application will be via your Swinburne student email account. It is your responsibility to ensure your Swinburne student email account remains able to receive incoming mail, and to check it regularly (especially after you have lodged an application) so you can promptly respond to any requests for action or information.


Please contact the Student Central with any questions about your application.