Swinburne Webinar Series – Day 4: Technology within Your Reach

March 8, 2021
A webinar titled “Technology within Your Reach” was held on the Swinburne Facebook Page on the 28th January which drew more than 850 unique views. This webinar was part a webinar series done by Swinburne. Dr Valliappan Raman, the Deputy Head of School of ICT started of the webinar by stressing the importance and role of technology in the world today especially in this pandemic time. Dr Valliappan proceeded to give an overview and differences of ICT courses (Bachelors of ICT and Bachelors of Computer Science) and ICT majors in Swinburne Sarawak. These courses were further elaborated on the skills that are trained. He also shared on the lab facilities and prestigious partners Swinburne has partnered with such as Keysight, Techforte and CISCO. Dr Valliappan also shared on the final year project partners where students can create impactful projects for industry partners. Next Dr Valliappan invited two alumni of School of ICT, Mr Aylwin Sim and Mr Eshan Shafeeq. Both of them have shared on the key strengths of learning in Swinburne which has a strong balance of hands on and theoretical knowledge. Both alumni speakers shared about the reasons of choosing Bachelor of Computer Science. The main reasons were related to interests they had at a younger age such as applications and coding. Both alumni speakers then proceeded to share on how practical experience during projects helped them prepare for their current careers. They also shared on the high market demand and importance on specialisations such as IOT, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity that are offered also in School of ICT, Swinburne.


Jeremiah Angking
(Administrative Executive)
Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus