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For current students

Industry-engaged learning provides you with the opportunity to experience the real-work environment and apply theoretical knowledge into practice. You will obtain a better understanding of how organisations operate, develop a clearer career plan and establish key contacts in the industry to support you throughout your work journey.

Professional placements for students

Are you ready to experience work life? Do you want to

  • know how to apply classroom theory to a real work situation?
  • have work experience relevant to your studies?
  • understand how organisations operate?
  • have a clear career and work plan?
  • have key contacts to support you throughout your work journey?
  • have work confidence?

A structured placement or learning experience can enable you to obtain the relevant professional experience you need to succeed.

Professional placement opportunities


The aim of internship is to develop students’ professional and practical skills and encouraging them to apply skills and knowledge acquired through study in a real-life environment.

Students are placed with an employer to work on a research project or undertake work experience under the guidance of industry and academic supervision, generally for the duration of their semester break i.e. December to February, or June to August.

Internships are unpaid and students are expected to adhere to the host organisation’s workplace policies and procedures.

Available internship opportunities:

ENT30014 Social Innovation Internship

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity (Kuching Chapter), Swinburne offers a unique opportunity for students to work hand-in-hand with volunteers from around the world to help build simple, decent homes for families in need of better housing. Students will gain greater understanding of the operations, management and leadership required within for a social enterprise.

This is a fabulous opportunity to earn credit towards your degree while developing independence and making new friends.

The internship has three aspects: appraise prospective homeowners; prepare financial and technical proposals; and construct houses at selected sites. Students will work with Habitat Kuching’s staff members in reviewing home-building applications by families from local communities.

Interactions with applicant families help students recognise some of the socio-economic challenges that confront affordable housing. Students will also learn to prepare technical design proposals for home construction, budget the cost and procure the construction materials.

During the course of the internship, students will also join volunteers and homeowners at home-building sites where they prepare the foundation, do piling, lay bricks and install roofing. Weekly seminars will supplement the students’ field experience. As a credit-bearing subject, students will be assessed through individual and group-based assignments.

Availability : Summer and Winter Terms
Open to: All students who have completed 100 credit points
Contact: Dr. George Ngui (kngui@swinburne.edu.my)
Download: Information flyer

Please contact Dr. George Ngui (kngui@swinburne.edu.my) for more information on internship opportunities.

Short-term projects (Capstones)

Capstones are final-year projects that provide students with a professionally focused learning experience which allows them to put learnt theory into practice.

Features of Capstones:

  1. Students are set a major task to complete over one unit of study. They will work in teams and projects may be discipline-specific, multi-disciplinary and/or inter-Faculty based.
  2. Projects utilise authentic real-world challenges which may be externally-sourced from industry and the community, may take the form of a competition, a research-based project or an internally developed project brief.
  3. All projects are open-structured, real-world focused, and feature authentic professional activities and challenges.
  4. Throughout the project, students apply the broad range of knowledge and skills that they have acquired through their studies in order to complete the tasks. Through the experience, students also develop the range of skills and attitudes required of professionals in the workplace, and become self-directed learners, independently seeking resources, peer and professional assistance as needed.
  5. Depending on the discipline and project topic, students may be provided with access to specific facilities (e.g. labs, studios), may be required to work directly within an industry context, or may need to work in their own time and choice of location.
  6. Each student is encouraged to identify their personal strengths, develop project management, team work and interpersonal skills, in order to succeed in their real-world project.

These experiences not only prepare students for their future careers and for successful employment after graduation, but also represent a wonderful resource for industry and organisations.

Available Capstone units:


  • BUS30010 – Integrative Business Practice
  • BUS30009 – Industry Consulting Project


  • HDCOM312 – Design for Production
  • HDCOM311 – Communication Design Strategy
  • HDDMD312 – Digital Media Design New Technologies
  • HDMMD312 – Individual Research Project
  • HDDMD342 – 3D Animation Project
  • HDDMD322 – Digital Media Design Capstone Project