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IG Publishing

What is IG Publishing?

Leading commercial publishers and university presses, delivering quality content covering all major discipline.


  • Anmol Publications
    Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., with its ever growing list of publication in almost all disciplines (Academic/Professional) has come to be recognized not merely as a publishing house but as an institution dedicated to the advancement of learning with a missionary zeal.
  • AUP eBooks 
    Amsterdam University Press eBooks. The scholarly and trade publications of AUP are available in Dutch or English and relate to subjects in the area of humanities (language and literature, history, film studies, art) and social science
  • BEP eBooks 
    The press focuses on a collection of books in areas such as International Business, Strategic Management, Managerial Accounting, Corporate Communications, Financial Accounting, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior.
  • Columbia University Press 
    Columbia University Press currently publishes approximately 160 new titles every year in the fields of Asian studies and literature, biological sciences, business, culinary history, current affairs, economics, environmental sciences, film and media studies, finance, history, international affairs, literary studies, Middle Eastern studies, New York City history, philosophy, neuroscience, paleontology, political theory, religion, and social work.
  • Global Professional 
    Global Professional Publishing is a new international book publisher, publishing a wide range of titles covering finance, management, marketing, banking & financial services, dictionaries, and, in particular, risk.
  • Industrial Press 
    Industrial Press has been true to its tradition of publishing the best technical and reference books for Education and Industry.
  • JRoss eBooks
    J. Ross publishing program focuses on books and multi-media services that address the real-world problems encountered by today’s business and technical professionals.
  • Praeger Business
    This collection is the top selling books from Praeger. Collection includes comprehensive business 
  • OECD
    OECD is sources for books, papers and statistics and the gateway to OECD’s analysis and data. 
  • SciTech Publishing
    This collection is the top selling books from Praeger. Collection includes comprehensive business 
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
    The leading source of knowledge for the world’s applied mathematics and computational science communities.


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