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The library offers regular workshops to further develop your research skills, the learning skills focusing on academic reading/writing, citing and referencing skills, searching strategy and the use of EndNote software.

Note: On-site  – Face to face delivery (Venue: ERT Room, Library). Limited to 15 students per session. 

For Undergraduates
Find and search library e-resources

What to expect:

  • Introduction to library’s electronic resources
  • Find the right database(s) for your subject areas
  • Find articles through library’s search engine
  • Tips and techniques for better search results
  • Access to full-text
  • Guideline to access to e-book
  • Search of eBooks by disciplines
  • Advance search /features
  • Interlibrary loan services
Date & Day
Time Registration LinkMethod of Delivery
13 Oct (Tue)1–2 pme-form On-site
14 Oct (Wed)1–2 pme-form Microsoft Teams
15 Oct (Thu)1 – 2 pme-form On-site
16 Oct (Fri)1–2 pme-form Microsoft Teams
19 Oct (Mon)1–2 pme-form On-site
20 Oct (Tue)1–2 pme-form Microsoft Teams
21 Oct (Wed)1–2 pme-form On-site
22 Oct (Thu)1–2 pme-form Microsoft Teams
23 Oct (Fri)1–2 pme-form On-site
27 Oct (Tue)4-5 pme-form Microsoft Teams
28 Oct (Wed)3–4 pme-form Microsoft Teams
4 Nov (Wed)2–3 pme-form Microsoft Teams
Reference and Cite Information Sources

What to expect:

  • Introduction to the Swinburne Harvard Style
  • How to avoid plagiarism
  • How to reference different types of resources
17 Sept (Thu)1–2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
18 Sept (Fri)1–2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
23 Sep (Wed)1–2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
7 Oct (Wed)1–2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
13 Oct (Tue)1–2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
15 Oct (Thu)1–2 pme-formOn-site
16 Oct (Fri)1–2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
19 Oct (Mon)1–2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
26  Oct (Mon)1–2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
27  Oct (Tue)1–2 pme-formOn-site
28 Oct (Wed)1–2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
30 Oct (Fri)1–2 pme-formOn-site
4 Nov (Wed)2-3 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
11 Nov (Wed)3-4 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
Only for Final Year students

Swinburne Harvard Referencing Using Endnote Tools

What to expect:

  • How to create bibliographies
  • How to collect and organize citations
  • How to export reference from databases
  • How endnote works with Microsoft word
17 Sept (Thu)3-4 pme-form Microsoft Teams
25 Sept (Fri)2-3 pme-form Microsoft Teams
2 Oct (Fri)9-10 ame-form On-site
For Postgraduates
Searching Research Literacy Effectively & Understand Swinburne Harvard Citations

Workshop description :
  • Familiarising  students with library resources and to develop basic to advance searching technique skills focusing on specific databases and resources relevant to research in the discipline or field of study.
  • An Introduction to Swinburne Harvard Style Guide and the role of citations in the research process.
22 Aug (Sat)10-11 ame-formMicrosoft Teams
10 Nov (Tue)1-2 pme-formMicrosoft Teams
14 Nov (Sat)10-11 ame-formMicrosoft Teams
Manage Reference with Endnote

Workshop description :
  • EndNote is a reference management software tool that is used to manage, store and share bibliographies and references, insert in-text citations and generate appropriate reference lists.
  • EndNote currently works with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
29 Aug (Sat)10-11 ame-form Microsoft Teams
12 Nov (Thu)1-2 pme-form Microsoft Teams
21 Nov (Sat)10-11 ame-form Microsoft Teams

Library can also customize these workshops for particular research interests.


Lecturers who wish to request for a different session, please fill in the Training Workshop e-form