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Current Degree Students

About Semester 1 2020

What happened to semester 1 2020??

The semester has been “paused” for two weeks. Week 3 of the semester 1 2020 will recommence on 1st  April 2020 for Semester 1 2020.

What will happen after 1st April 2020?

The semester will recommence and the semester 1 2020 is extended for two weeks. Please check the Academic Calendar for the adjusted dates.

Will classes be online?

Yes, the classes will recommence through online learning from 1st  April 2020 for Semester 1 2020.

When will the campus open again?

The campus and facilities will reopen after the Movement Control Order has been lifted by the Government which at this stage is 13 May 2020.

Will the entire semester be taught online?

The online learning and teaching will continue until the end of Semester 1 2020. This is to continue the practice of social distancing, to protect our students and staff from current pandemic situation.

If the entire semester is taught online, can I go back to my home country/city and continue with my course?

We believe that online learning will provide the best experience for you without compromising the quality, in the current environment. It will be possible to continue your studies off campus, but please ensure that you have an appropriate laptop/pc and a good internet connection. You may choose to go back to your home country/city for Semester One, but please consult International Student Services for the latest Immigration procedures before you do any booking of air tickets for international students.

How to access to online learning and teaching?

You can access to online learning and teaching on CANVAS using your Swinburne student email account after you have completed your enrolment.

What is CANVAS?

CANVAS is Swinburne’s learning management system that you can access online from any PC/desktop, tablet or mobile device. It is the most advanced and contemporary Learning Management System (LMS) available and Swinburne updated from their previous Blackboard LMS to Canvas in 2019 to greatly enhance the student learning experience.

How do I access Canvas?

You can access Canvas by clicking the link in the right menu bar of the current student tab https://www.swinburne.edu.my/current-students/get-started

You can also access Canvas via this link: https://www.swinburne.edu.my/canvas/

Will attendance be taken?

The Unit convener will monitor your CANVAS activities log regarding your online engagement and activities in CANVAS.

How do I know the arrangement of my online classes

The Unit Convener will inform students about the arrangement in CANVAS. Please check the CANVAS announcement & your email regularly.

Please contact your unit convener if you still have not been provided this information after 1st April 2020 in your unit CANVAS.

Do I need to buy textbooks or all resources will be online?

Please refer to Unit Outline or instructions from Unit Convener. The students can access to Library online resources remotely, as 90% of our library collections are digital.

What else about online learning?

  • Online Study

    Studying online doesn’t mean studying alone. For every unit, you’ll be a part of a class and you’ll have regular interactions with your lecturers and tutor, and your classmates too via CANVAS.

  • Virtual Classroom

    Your virtual classroom has been tailored for online learning via CANVAS. Use it to interact with your lecturers, tutors and classmates, and engage with a variety of learning formats including multimedia, interactive activities, podcasts and videos.

  • Online Tutorial

    You’ll have one-to-one contact with lecturer or tutor to guide your learning in every unit via CANVAS communication tools. You will also be encouraged to collaborate on CANVAS discussion boards with other students.

  • Online Discussion

    Your lecturer or tutor will hold regular discussions and interactive via CANVAS communication tools to help you with unit content and assignments. Use these to reflect on each week’s topic and also be guided by insights from your classmates. 

  • Online Flexibility

    Online learning provides flexibility for student to learn and engage at any time or place, compared to traditional on-campus learning and teaching requires students to attend lectures and tutorials at a venue at a given time. Students can log in to their online learning environment via CANVAS to access their course, whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. 

  • All other benefits of studying online

    Swinburne students continue to have access to the same range of student services and programs on campus as before. You can take advantage of everything Swinburne has to offer, while enjoying the flexibility of studying online and being fully supported at your convenience.

  • Digital Literacy

    Digital Literacy is one of our Swinburne Graduate Attributes! Studying online demonstrate that Swinburne students can learn, collaborate, work in digital world’ which is a vital 21st Century work skill.

About Facilities

Can we access library after campus re-opens (after MCO period)?

Yes, you can access the library and other facilities after the campus re-opens at the end of the MCO period, but we must continue to practice social distancing.

Are library resources sufficient?

Swinburne Sarawak library currently hold more than:

  • 380,000 book titles; in which 90% is digital. Electronic books are available, on several different platforms.
  • More than 80 online databases covering majority of the disciplines.
  • Newspapers and Magazines – some of these serials are available online. Students are encouraged to access to PressReader, a platform that gives more than 7,000 digital newsstands all around the world.
  • Full text theses & final year projects are also available online.

Can we access the library remotely?

Students can have access to online resources remotely through our library website: https://www.swinburne.edu.my/library/search

How can we sign up to access library remotely?

Students need to register as library members. Once you have signed-up, please email    your name and Swinburne ID no. to: IR@swinburne.edu.my in order to activate your account.

To sign-up : https://www.swinburne.edu.my/library/search/search-help.php

Can we access computer lab after campus re-open (after the MCO period)?

Yes, you can access computer labs after campus re-opens (after the MCO period) by practicing social distancing.

What’s social distancing?

Social distancing means less contact between you and other people. Social distancing includes simple, everyday actions include avoiding shaking hands and keeping a distance of at least 1.0 metre from other people where possible.

What do I need for online learning?

You will need a computer (Desktop or Laptop) connected to internet with latest version of an internet browser.

What else do I need for online learning?

You will need speaker/headset, and camera & microphone attached to/or with your computer (Desktop or Laptop).

How will online learning be conducted?

Online learning and teaching will be asynchronous, for learning that do not occur in the same place or at the same time, for example, sharing a recording of lecture content is Asynchronous.


Learning and teaching will be Synchronous for example, streaming a live lecture is considered Synchronous. Synchronous delivery will follow the existing class timetable’s time slot. The Unit Convener will inform the students about the Online Learning arrangement in CANVAS. Please check the CANVAS announcement & your email regularly.

What will happen with exams?

No final end-of-semester exams will be conducted for Semester 1 2020. Final exams will be replaced by assessments. Your unit convenor will provide you with more information about these in the coming weeks.

Can I still contact my unit convener/lecturer/tutor?

Yes. Teaching staff will do online delivery as planned, and will be accessible to students. Your unit convenors will contact you with information about each of your units and how these will be managed. Please check the CANVAS announcement & your email regularly. Please contact your unit convenor if you have not been provided this information.

How can I get help from lecturers/tutors?

You can get help from your unit CANVAS. The Unit Convener will inform the students about the assistance available in unit CANVAS. Please check the CANVAS announcement & your email regularly.

About Finance

Will the fees be cheaper if classes are online?

No. The University is committed to ensure the units/subjects are delivered in the most effective manner without impairing the overall teaching and learning outcome.  Teaching staff will continue to actively support the students through online learning and delivery arrangement via CANVAS and emails. In addition, the online databases and e-books resources will always be available to aid and enhance the students’ learning and research process. Even though online learning and delivery is the way forward for the remaining of Semester 1 2020, once the MCO is lifted, students will still be able to access the physical resources and facilities of the University while practicing social distancing.

Can I get a refund and defer my semester?

By 12 April 2020


Submission of –
1. Withdrawal from program
2. Withdrawal from unit of study
3. Leave of Absence
Refund of tuition fee

After 12 April 2020

No refund

For students applying for Leave of Absence (LOA) by 12 April 2020, the tuition fee paid for the current semester will be automatically brought forward to the following semester. However, if student decide to withdraw thereafter, the above Refund policy shall apply. Fee paid will not be brought forward to the next semester if student submit LOA after 12 April 2020.

Please do take note that during the MCO period, Finance – Treasury Services requires minimum 4 weeks to make the refund.

Can I still process a refund when the Student HQ is closed during the MCO?

Student can submit their documents through email to sic@swinburne.edu.my or fintu@swinburne.edu.my
Please do take note that during the MCO period, Finance – Treasury Services will still try to meet the refund timeline of 4 weeks (best effort).

Click on the following link https://www.swinburne.edu.my/current-students/manage-course/paying-fees/how-i-pay-my-fee.php for full details on “How I Pay My Fee”.

When is the Payment due date?

As a concession, any payment with due date(s) between 18 March – 30 April 2020 is deemed payable by the 30 April 2020 and penalty is also automatically waived by the University. However, payments made after 30 April 2020 is subjected to the normal late payment policy. This concession is also extended to those students who are currently under the University’s Tuition Fee Instalment Payment Plan.

What to do if you need to extend the payment due date beyond the 30 April 2020 dateline?

Students are advised to write in to Finance Treasury Services (FTS) at fintu@swinburne.edu.my to request for the necessary extension of payment due date(s).  The usual one-off administration fee of RM100.00 (as per Ancillary Fee) per semester will still apply.

A student who fails to communicate with FTS on their payment status will be deemed as an inactive student and subject to the usual procedures of being dropped from their enrolment, blocked from the learning management system, Canvas and etc., so please ensure that you contact us.

Please also take note that for any student who has been granted the extended payment due date, your outstanding debt for this semester must be settled, otherwise your final assessment result(s) will be withheld and/or you will be blocked from enrolment for the following semester until full settlement.

How can we pay using a credit card during the MCO period?

Payment via credit card through Internet or Mobile Banking can be made via JomPAY effective 30 April 2020.  The JomPAY payment method also accept payment via Savings or Current accounts.

Take note that the credit card is only applicable to card issued by banks in Malaysia.

The JomPAY biller code is as below:

Please present the proof of online transfer immediately after making payment to enable us to identify the transaction and subsequent issuance of official receipts.

About Student Development and Support

Are there Counsellors on campus?

Yes, we do have a Counselling team on campus whom you can contact online at any time through ecounselling@swinburne.edu.my

To arrange for a face to face appointment, after campus re-opens (after MCO period) while practicing social distancing, please contact them as below:

Online: ecounselling@swinburne.edu.my

+60 82 260 789 – Evelyn Liew
+60 82 260 932- Chloe Liong
+60 82 260 873- Fazlia

In person: Room G106, Building G, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak

Can we access to counsellors remotely when off campus?

Yes, we also have an online counselling service called Swin-eCounsellors. They can be reached via ecounselling@swinburne.edu.my All information shared in the emails will be regarded as confidential.

For more information on Student Development and Support, please click on the link https://www.swinburne.edu.my/student-operations/student-administration/student-development-counselling