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SDPS 2014 Malaysia is the 19th International Conference on Transformative Research in Science and Engineering, Business and Social Innovation. We invite all industries, governments, educational and research institutions, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, managers, medical professionals, sociologists, educators, scientists and practitioners to participate in the development of a social, technological, and cultural transformation that leads to the complex development of Smart Innovative Societies

Introduction to SDPS

SDPS was formed in 1995 around a single idea: process. The fact that this concept is observed in so many different disciplines and that process philosophy has heralded its importance since antiquity, gave rise to the idea that there may be something very fundamental yet to be discovered by science.

It appears the process concept could establish a broadly applicable abstraction on which to base the future of knowledge integration and dissemination at a formal level for a wide array of disciplines. The result could yield new science, new products, business innovation, and new solutions that address the complex problem sets of the future.

Each year, SDPS sponsors an international conference that attracts hundreds of leaders in science and engineering. SDPS membership includes a diverse group of international experts across a broad array of scientific and engineering disciplines. SDPS conferences are unique in that they are designed to bring forth leading ideas that are transformative in character—ideas that may radically change our thinking.

Smart Innovative Societies

Smart Innovative Societies represent those special regions around the world that are moving toward the adoption of integrated technology and science. These societies enjoy the benefits of technology to improve the lives of their inhabitants while remaining harmonous with the natural enviroments. They respect the beneficient cultures and traditions that developed from their unique history.

These societies readily join with other such regions around the world to form numerous symbiotic combinatorical relationships that enhance and extend these benefits to others. They realize that future problems and opportunities must address the massive complexity and "interconnectedness" of what are now termed "unstructured, complex problems sets. " Such issues cannot be resolved solely with the divided knowledge of the disciplines.

Knowledge intergration, at a scientific level, becomes paramount in this new age of integration. That is why SDPS was formed; to provide an international home for advanced integrative thinkers at a professional level.

Important Dates

*Abstract Submission (optional)

1 - 31 December 2013

Paper Submission Deadline
SDPS 2014 Word Template for Paper Submission
SDPS 2014 Latex Template

18 April 2014

Author Notification

30 April 2014

Camera Ready Manuscript Due

25 May 2014

Early Registration Ends
Hotel reservation form

3 June 2014

Conference Begins

15 June 2014

*Abstract are used for initial evaluation only. Final acceptance is based on a complete peer review of actual paper submitted.


Registration Type

(On or Before May 15)

(After May 15)
Tues. Gala
Awards Banquet
Mon- Thurs. 4 Days
SDPS MEMBER $550 $595
NON-MEMBER $650 $695
STUDENT** $350 $350  

Media Released

International conference at Swinburne Sarawak to attract 200
Released on 5 April, 2013 at Swinburne Sarawak's Website

Round Table Discussion with Swinburne - SDPS 2014 Conference, Malaysia
Released on 5 March, 2013 at Unimas's Website

Swinburne to host Society for Design , Process Science confab 2014
Released on 6 April, 2013 at Borneo Post Online

Venue - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

The city of Kuching lies on the banks of the beautiful Sarawak River located in the northwestern part of the island of Borneo. It is the capital of the province of Sarawak in Malaysia. The SDPS 2014 Conference will be held in Kuching City. This will be the first time a SDPS sponsored event is held in Southeast Asia and we wish to thank everyone who is helping to make it possible.

Call For Papers

All full papers will be peer-reviewed. Papers presented at SDPS 2014 will be assembled into an official SDPS Proceedings document to be submitted to the Web of Science Conference Proceedings Citation Index following the conference.

Papers and sessions for the Conference are organized around these major themes, however, you are free to suggest others for consideration.

Foundations - Theories, models, algorithms for integrative process and design science

  • Process and design science
  • Health and life science
  • Transdisciplinary research

Technology - Methods for transformative design

  • Collective knowledge and intelligence
  • Semantic web and web services
  • Ontologies, reasoning, semantic and trustworthy computing

Applications - Projects for transformative research

  • Smart and healthy cities and networks
  • Sociotechnical systems
  • Transformative community and cities

Journal Publication Opportunities

  • Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science (JIDPS)
    Since 1997, SDPS has published the prestigious Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science (JIDPS) and, more recently, our first book publications. The first book was on Biomedical Engineering followed by a second book on Cyber Physical Systems—both released through Springer Publishing. The Journal serves to promote transformational thinking and research of transdisciplinary design and process science across many disciplines. The journal is an archival peer-reviewed technical journal published quarterly. JIDPS is covered by the following abstracting and indexing services: Academic Source Complete, ACM Digital Library, Compendex, CPX, EBSCO database, Science & Technology Collection, Scopus, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory. Papers presented at SDPS2014 will be assembled into an official SDPS Proceedings document to be submitted to the Web of Science Conference Proceedings Citation Index after the conference. Thompsons Reuters' editors to decide if indexed.

  • Journal of Research Practice (JRP)
    Selected papers from the Conference will also be considered for publication in the Journal of Research Practice (JRP), which is a transdisciplinary open-access journal indexed in Scopus. It publishes articles drawing out the living dimensions of research, unfolding through the history of knowledge domains, practices, and of course, the lives of individual researchers. It seeks to attract reflective articles on the dynamics and challenges of research practice in context, as well as articles presenting experiences and learning from research carried out in an innovative way. The JRP Editor, Professor D. P. Dash will be available during the conference to discuss publication opportunities in this journal.


Honorary Chairmen

  • Dr. C. V. Ramamoorthy, Professor Emeritus
    University of California at Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA

  • Dr. Raymond T. Yeh
    Lifetime Fellow, SDPS
    California, CA

Conference Chairmen

  • Dr. Sang C. Suh

  • Dr. Patrick Then
    Swinburne University
    Sarawak, Malaysia

Technical Program Committee

  • Jinoh Kim, Texas A&M University-Commerce Deniz Kocak, SDPS
  • Murat Tanik, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Lau Bee Theng, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Radmila Juric, University of Westminster
  • Patrick Hanghui Then, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Sang C. Suh, Texas A&M University-Commerce
  • Hauke Coltzau, Fern Universiat in Hagen
  • John Carbone, Raytheon
  • Ali Dogru, Middle East Technical University
  • David Robbins, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Organizing Comittees

Conference Program

June 15 (Sunday)

Evening Reception

June 16 (Monday)

Paper Sessions / Forum / Lunch

June 17 (Tuesday)

Paper Sessions / Forum / Lunch / Gala Dinner

June 18 (Wednesday)

Paper Sessions / Forum / Lunch

June 19 (Thursday)

Paper Sessions / Forum / Lunch


Research Papers, Workshops, Tutorials, Keynote Speeches:

Renewable energy

Translation from theory and concepts to practice in renewable energy technology including, but not limited to, solar, hydro, and sea current.

Software Engineering

Innovation through software engineering in industries including, but not limited to, banking, education, logistics, energy, public service, laws, and manufacturing.

ICT Entrepreneurship

Incubation and real life application of ICT theory and concepts into marketplace in various industries including, but not limited to, retail, social network, supply chain, education, biotechnology, banking and marketing.

Effective Healthcare

Solutions provided to the healthcare industry including, but not limited to, innovative software engineering and hardware integration.

Sustainable Development

The target areas include but are not limited to healthcare diagnostics, analytical science and pharmaceutical quality, pharmacogenomics, health technology assessment, biomarkers, bioinformatics, sensor technology, bioprocessing, instrumentation and analytical data processing, process industry technology, and value added processes.