Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

Understanding your offer

Conditional Offers

If you have received a conditional offer, you must fulfil the condition(s) stated in your offer.

Prior to or at the time of accepting your offer, you must provide evidence that you have met all conditions outlined in your Letter of Offer. If you do not provide this evidence, you will not be eligible to proceed with your enrolment.

The type of evidence you must submit depends on the condition(s) listed on your Letter of Offer. Examples may include official or certified copies of academic transcripts and letters or certificates of completion.

Tuition Fees & Deposit

The annual tuition fee listed in your Letter of Offer is based on the ‘standard’ annual study load for each course. This tuition fee may be subject to an increase in each subsequent year of enrolment.

You will be invoiced for fees based on your study load for each teaching period.

Students are expected to pay the applicable tuition fee at the time of enrolment. You must sign your Offer Acceptance Form and send it to Swinburne Sarawak before you pay the tuition fee.

Changing Intake

If you wish to change intake (a maximum of two intakes or up to one year is permitted), you must write to Swinburne Sarawak for approval.

You must submit a personal statement and any additional academic documentation (if applicable) to advise of additional studies or activities undertaken. A revised Letter of Offer will then be issued stating the new commencement date.

Transferring Programs within Swinburne Sarawak

There is no guarantee that you will be able to transfer to another program within Swinburne Sarawak. Therefore please ensure that you are happy with the program you have been offered before accepting your offer.