2025 Vision and Strategic Plan

We choose to build Swinburne as the prototype of a new and different university, where people and technology work together to build a better world.

2025 Vision and Strategic Plan

We choose to build Swinburne as the prototype of a new and different university, where people and technology work together to build a better world.

Swinburne University of Technology is a dual-sector institution, defined and inspired by technology and innovation, and renowned for our strong industry and community engagement. 

With a vision to bring people and technology together to build a better world, our people will be driven by a shared sense of purpose to create tomorrow’s technology and the human talent required for a digital, tech-rich future.


People and technology working together to build a better world.

To realise our vision, Swinburne commits to taking big strides and aspires for ‘moon shots’ rather than ‘incremental steps’.

Our moon shots will embolden and energise our staff, students and partners, enabling us to focus and invest in what we know can make a real difference in the world.

Moon shot 1: Every Swinburne learner gets a work experience 

All Swinburne undergraduate learners will experience work integrated learning and real industry experience during their degree, including paid placements, internships or industry-linked projects. This is made possible by Swinburne’s extensive partnerships with leading Australian and global organisations. Learning by doing will define how we teach, assess and engage with students and industry. We will become curators of rich learning experiences, overcoming the boundary between work and study.

Moon shot 2: Every Swinburne graduate gets a job

Swinburne’s goal is for every Swinburne tertiary and vocational graduate, including our alumni, to be a job taker or a job creator in a future world of work defined by technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. We will support our graduates to obtain a job through career support and lifelong learning. Our commitment is to connect learners and alumni with employers through networks and platforms, and to provide the career development, skills and support to engage and succeed in a tech-rich future.

Moon shot 3: Every Swinburne partner gets a tech solution

When our partners come to us with a problem, they will receive a technology solution. Swinburne will concentrate its efforts in flagship areas where the university is a world leader and has potential to be the industry partner of choice including Space and Aerospace Technology, sustainable solutions to create an Innovative Planet and Medical Technology. Underpinned by leading digital technology platforms, Swinburne researchers are collaborating with industry, communities and government through embedded partnerships to co-create technology solutions to transform local and global communities.

Moon shot 4: Swinburne is the prototype of global best practice

Swinburne will step up to the global stage, in research, education delivery and student recruitment. Swinburne will be the prototype of a new model of university that is fit for purpose in a digital future that is very different from the past. Swinburne will look forward, not backwards, in the way it thinks, operates and evolves. We want a Swinburne qualification to place our students ahead of others because they hold the best credentials you can have in a tech-led world.

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Swinburne Sarawak 2025 Vision

Swinburne Sarawak’s current strategic direction is aligned with Swinburne Horizon 2025 but will continue to be shaped and enhanced into the future. Our journey towards achieving the Swinburne Sarawak 2025 Vision is guided by the 3Cs principles: ensuring business Continuity, adapting to Change and Concentrating our resources.