Swinburne Sarawak produces innovative, high-impact and engaged research. We support and invest in our researchers by offering them international collaborations, industry involvement and access to world-class facilities. Read some of our research stories and meet the people committed to bringing about change.


Science to Society 2018

Science to Society is back again this year with a lineup of established academics and industry professionals from all over the world!

Sounds interesting? Want to know more? Come for our lunchtime talk with pizza for hungry minds.

Location: A 401 at 12.30 pm

Director of British Council Malaysia, Sarah Deverall (left) with FameLab winner David Hong Sheng Wee (right)

David at the FameLab Regionals

Swinburne student David Hong Sheng Wee won first place at the FameLab regionals and competed in the national-level competition.

Read more and watch all the submission videos here.


Around the World using Zero Fuel

  • From Holland to Australia by electric car, exploring what sustainability means
  • students & staff literally looking under the hood
  • the route so far
  • Great way to end 2017 series of Science to Society
  • Good luck Wiebe! follow his journey @plugmein

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Research Students at Swinburne

Research Students at Swinburne


New Scholarships for The Centre of Digital Futures

The newly formed Centre for Digital Futures has just announced new scholarships for two new programs under the Masters by Research program.

The closing date for scholarship application is 12 November 2017.

Read more about the new scholarships here.


3MT® 2019, Participants

  • Participants of the Three Minute Thesis Competition
  • I investigate the real factors that affects rural communities' participation in ecotourism to help future researchers, investor, and policy makers to implement better business strategies which will directly empower communities in ecotourism.
  • My study intends to look into the actors' local knowledge and everyday strategies in coping with an incoming development project.
  • My research focuses on understanding what students and supervisors expect from each other to guide universities in building support programs that can help bridge the gap between students and supervisors, and thereby reduce the potential of misunderstandings between PhD students and their supervisors.
  • I am closing the gap for the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable oil palm biomass by improving the biomass properties and developing a mathematical model that is essential for the optimisation and operation of the reactor used for biomass-to-fuel conversion.
  • My research focuses on the interaction and effectiveness of different entomopathogenic fungus against Aedes mosquitoes and its application in the field.
  • I am creating an economically feasible antenna network which can transmit data efficiently and with minimum noise interference for Sarawak rural communities.
  • I worked closely with parents of autistic children in Sarawak to develop a dance programme to modify socially undesirable behaviours frequently displayed by the children.


Centre for Digital Futures

Digital technologies are constantly changing and enriching the way we live, communicate and thrive. Our researchers are developing these technologies in the areas of electronics, informatics and design, as well as trying to understand the disruptive impact of digital innovation on our communities.

Swinburne’s Centre for Digital Futures brings these visionary researchers from different areas under one roof. The Centre recently opened its doors on the 4th of August, 2017.

Read more about the opening here.

3MT® 2019

Participants of the Three Minute Thesis Competition

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) 2019

Originating from the University of Queensland, the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition gives postgraduate students an outlet to showcase their research to a wider audience. It promotes the students' academic presentation skills, and their ability to present to a group of people who do not specialize in their respective research topics.

Since its inception, it has burst in popularity around the world, being held in 66 countries outside of Australia. Swinburne Sarawak is proud to be one of the 21 institutions in Malaysia to hold this event.

In conjunction with the event, the Swinburne Sarawak School of Research also organizes training workshops conducted by Donna Barclay, a professional trainer and award winning Toastmaster to prepare students for the competition as well as to develop their presentation skills in general.