It’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

It’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

Bachelor of Media and Communication

N/321/6/0254 | MQA/SWA13975 (26.10.2027)

The Bachelor of Media and Communication program help students develop key skills in professional communication and media content creation. With strong industry connections, the program links theoretical knowledge with practical, experiential learning relevant to the ever growing areas of media and communication.

Students will also benefit from Swinburne’s partnership with Adobe which gives you free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud while studying.

February, September

3 years

Course details

Course structure

For the completion of the Bachelor of Media and Communication, students are required to complete a total of 24 units (300 credit points) consisting of:

  • Four [4] Core units (50 credit points)
  • Eight [8] Social Media Major (100 credit points)
  • Twelve [12] Component units (150 credit points) comprising of a/an co-major, advanced minor, minor/s and/or electives

Units of study

Core units

COM10007 Professional Communication Practice

This unit introduces students to the vital part communication plays in professional life. In covering ideas and skills fundamental to professional communication success, it aims to build not only competence but also students’ confidence in functioning as ethical communicators, able to use a range of techniques to achieve desired communication outcomes.

MDA10008 Global Media Industries

This unit explores worldwide trends in a range of media industries and provides students with the skills and knowledge to work internationally in fields such as design, marketing, media regulation, content creation and management, telecommunications and journalism.

JOU10007 Media Content Creation

This unit introduces students to digital non-fiction story development skills for professional media purposes and social media dissemination across a range of platforms. Students will establish and develop an online portfolio and learn how to establish a related professional social media identity in order to promote their work.

MDA10001 Introduction to Media Studies

This unit introduces students to the fundamentals of media studies, with a focus on texts, contexts, and the history of media and media studies. This enables students to understand the significant contribution that the media make to the formation of society and culture.

Social Media Major

MDA100006 Innovation Cultures: Perspectives on Science and Technology

This unit examines the relationship between science, technology and culture with a particular emphasis on communications and screen-based technology. Students will learn about key theoretical paradigms such as disruptive innovation, Actor Network Theory, and participatory media etc.

MDA20009 Digital Communities

This unit examines the growing dominance of social media as a factor of our social, political, financial and cultural life. Students will develop a critical approach to social media by exploring a range of platforms and contexts, uses and practices. Students will use this knowledge and critical understanding to explore strategic, creative and productive use of social media tools.

MDA20025 National Media in a Globalised World

This unit will analyse a selection of local media industry sectors and current and long-standing media public policy issues, including ownership and control; censorship and classification; measurement of media use; and public and community media institutions.

MDA20003 Networked Selves

This unit focuses on how people use social media to construct their individual identity. It explores key issues relating to networked media technologies and how they shape identity and personal experiences. The unit looks at how the self is increasingly performed, through a range of media platforms, in ways that blur the boundaries between public and private.

MDA20011 Sports / Advertising / Media

This unit explores the nexus between sports, advertising and media. Students will gain an understanding of how sport and advertising function, how they operate in the broader context of television and social media, and the ways in which they impact on ideas of race, nation, audience and merchandising.

MDA30017 Media Analytics and Visualisation

This unit focuses on the strategic and business value of media analytics and visualisation. Students will learn about evidence-based decision making, data analytics and visualisation, and tools and techniques required to collect, clean, analyse and visualise qualitative, quantitative and social network data, and will have the opportunity to apply their learning in real world settings.

MDA30007 Media and Communication Project B

Students undertaking a media project are supervised in both the design and implementation of a product of their choice or can choose to undertake work experience. This unit is designed to extend the skills acquired by students in their major studies and to provide an opportunity for students to gain experience in the workplace and to work independently as freelance practitioners.

MDA30012 Researching Social Media Publics

Social media applications and platforms are increasingly defining the way we communicate. This unit introduces research methodologies for analysing such sites of social media practice. It is part of the social media major and minor and also works as a pathway to postgraduate study.

Social Media Minor Units

  • MDA100006 Innovation Cultures: Perspectives on Science and Technology
  • MDA20009 Digital Communities
  • MDA20003 Networked Selves
  • MDA30012 Researching Social Media Publics

Component units

Students are required to undertake 12 components units from Communication Design, Motion Design, Marketing, Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing.

Student testimonial

Rachel Tang

“Social media is a part of our everyday lives. We communicate, find information, and even conduct business activities on social media. As a digital marketer, I constantly use social media as an outreach platform to my customers. Digital marketing and social media interrelate where one cannot do without the other. The social media minor has helped me when it came to analyzing or making sense of user behavior. Knowing how people interact on social media also teaches you to build profiles and target the right audiences. This minor has given me some groundwork to understand social media marketing, the impact of media and influencers and how we can effectively present ourselves online.”

Rachel Tang Zi Fang, Bachelor of Business Management (Minor in Social Media)

External Advisory Committee

To ensure that world-class quality education here in Swinburne, each of our programs are advised by a group of internationally acclaimed academicians. The membership of the External Advisory Committee comprises of persons in industry, commerce, other academic institutions, government schools. They advise on employment potential, course content, course structure and academic standards.

Title and Name of External Examiner / Course Advisory Panel Affiliation/Representative

Role: External Examiner, or Course Advisory Panel

Ms Lunnie Gan Digital Marketer | FB Certified Lead Trainer | Chatbot Marketer, Kuching Course Advisory Panel
Ms Nur Fekriah Effendy Public Relations Officer, Sarawak Multimedia Authority, Kuching Course Advisory Panel
Mr Rizal Redzuan

Corporate Communications, Capital A, Shah Alam

Course Advisory Panel
Ms Steffany Raymond Landong Executive – Communications and Partnership, TEGAS Digital Village & Digital Innovation Hub Course Advisory Panel

Fees & scholarships


Malaysian students
RM27,240 (annual)
International students
RM34,504 (annual)

* The indicative course fees shown here applies to students studying on-campus in Malaysia for the relevant year only. They are based on a standard study load per year. However, please note that fees are assessed according to a student’s study load in each semester, and variation to study load will result in an adjustment to tuition fees. All fees are subject to annual review and may be adjusted.


At Swinburne scholarships are about providing opportunity, promoting equity and recognising excellence and achievement. Scholarships are available for both commencing and current students.

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Application process

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Career opportunities

Graduates may seek employment in a wide range of positions such as content creator, creative industry professional, social media analyst, brand manager/strategist/consultant, communication manager, public relations manager and marketing executive. In line with our vision of creating future ready learners, we provide students with internship opportunities to work with a number of well established companies in Sarawak. This offers students the necessary experience and exposure, supporting them in their future careers.

Internship partners

Company Details

Create8 Design & Management Sdn. Bhd.
Contact person: Teo Chin How
Email: chinhow@creat8.com.my

Sarawak Association of Tourism Attraction
Contact person: Fiona Marcus Raja
Email: fionamarcusraja@gmail.com

Orion Social Media (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd.
Contact person: Fiona Yap Tsui Lee
Email: fiona@orion.my
Website: orion.my

Borneo International Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.
Contact person: Desmond Wong Yen King
Email: desmond@bie.asia
Website: biex.asia

I Cube Innovation Sdn. Bhd.
Contact person: Melvin Liew
Email: melvin@icubeinnovation.com.my
Website: icubeinnovation.com.my

Filmco Sdn. Bhd.
PIC Name: Samuel Wong
Email: samwong@thefilmmakers.co
Website: thefilmmakers.co

Pencil Rocket
Contact person: Lunnie Gan
Email: unniegan@pencilrocket.my
Website: pencilrocket.my

Made IT Media Sdn. Bhd.
Contact person: Daphe Siaw Ai Lin
Email: hello@artsydaphy.com
Website: madeit.my

Brooke Museums
Contact person: Liza Sideni
Email: brookegallery@brooketrust.org
Website: brooketrust.org/the-brooke-gallery

Kino Magazine

Lifespantree Enterprise
Contact person: Marian Chin
Email: marian.chin@kuchinginandout.com/infolifespantree@gmail.com
Website: kuchinginandout.com

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