Introduction to Risk and Due Diligence


One Semester or equivalent

PG Civil, Construction Management: Nil.
UG Civil/Engineering: 250 credit points


Contact hours
48 Hours

Credit Points

Aims and learning outcomes

To provide students with a broad understanding of risk management and due diligence, including basic concepts and the suite of available techniques.

Unit information

Unit Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this Unit should be able to:

  1. Describe fundamental risk and reliability concepts;
  2. Apply the safety, economic and legal drivers of risk management requirements;
  3. Recognize the liability and due diligence implications related to quantified risk management techniques;
  4. Apply risk modelling and generative information gathering techniques;
  5. Generate safety cases demonstrating due diligence and limiting legal liability; and
  6. Apply both top-down and bottom-up risk management techniques


  • Risk Paradigms
  • Risk Management Models
  • Liability
  • Causation and Complexity
  • Risk Criteria
  • Top-down and bottom-up Techniques
  • Ranking and modelling Techniques/methods
  • Generative Techniques
  • Risk & Reliability Maths
  • Corporate Governance
  • OH&S/WHS
  • Process Industry/Construction/Civil/Infrastructure Industry
  • Finance & Market Risk
  • Safety Case Arguments
  • Project Due Diligence
  • SIL Allocation
  • Availability Profiling