Contact hours

Credit Points

Aims and learning outcomes

This unit aims to develop an understanding of the principles of design and how these principles are applied in a multimedia context and toapply the two dimensional design principles to a range of multimedia tasks using both conventional and digital imaging techniques and software application.

Students who successfully complete this unit should be able to:

  1. Upon successful completion of this unit students will be able to: Recognize the basic elements of design theory and able to apply design principles to a range of multimedia tasks using both traditional and digital imaging
  2. Identify the differences between the major 2D Digital Imaging programs, different image formats and file management protocols
  3. Able to distinguish the difference between Vector and Bitmap images
  4. Demonstrate skills in image enhancement, manipulation and image crafting techniques
  5. Apply the principles of design to given briefs
  6. Able to identify the process in creating interfaces
  7. Complete a multimedia design project that uses the principles of design to produce an aesthetic whole

Unit information



  1. Introduction to Multimedia
  2. Creating Interface Designs
  3. The Process of Design
  4. Design Elements
  5. Design Principles
  6. Colour Theory
  7. Typography
  8. Good and Bad Design
  9. Vector and Bitmap Images
  10. Interface Design Principles
  11. Image File Format


  1. How to install software
  2. Discussions on Human Computer Interaction
  3. Adobe XD: Intro to Building Wireframes
  4. Illustrator CC: Getting to know the workspace
  5. Illustrator CC: Essentials
  6. Adobe XD: Designing Web Interfaces
  7. Illustrator CC: Adding Colour
  8. Illustrator CC: Working with the Drawing Tools
  9. Illustrator CC: Working with and formatting text
  10. Illustrator CC: Organizing your illustrations with layers
  11. Illustrator CC: Export and saving files
  12. Photoshop CC: Getting Started
  13. Photoshop CC: Understanding Photoshop basic
  14. Photoshop CC: Changing the size of an image
  15. Adobe XD: Designing Mobile Interfaces
  16. Photoshop CC: Making Selections
  17. Photoshop CC: Manipulating Selections
  18. Photoshop CC: Painting and Retouching with Colour
  19. Photoshop CC: Working with Layers
  20. Photoshop CC: Adjusting Lighting and Colours
  21. Photoshop CC: Applying Layer Styles
  22. Photoshop CC: Applying Filters


Computer lab with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator