Research Methods


One Semester or equivalent


Entry into Master’s Program


Research units if any

Contact hours
24 Hours

Credit Points

Aims and learning outcomes

The aim of this unit is to:

  • identify the basic principles of academic research and the fundamental concepts of research methodology
  • interpret and critically evaluate previously published work in a formal literature review
  • describe the characteristic features of common research methods and debate their relative merits
  • identify a research question (or project problem/objective) and justify the selection of an appropriate and ethically managed research method
  • produce a written research/project proposal/report/paper and effectively present information in an oral presentation

Unit information

Unit Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this unit should be able to:

  1. conduct research (or a project)
  2. write research/project proposals
  3. write research/technical reports and papers
  4. present research/project ideas


  • defining research
  • specifying roles of student and supervisor
  • developing a research/project question/problem/objective
  • presentation techniques
  • reviewing the literature
  • planning research/project design
  • ethics
  • writing a research/project proposal
  • critical thinking
  • qualitative and quantitative research methodologies
  • writing a research paper and/or a technical report with corresponding writing skills