Internship Preparation Session for Semester 2, 2021

September 27, 2021

A Webinar Internship Preparation Session headed by Dr Elaine Yeu successfully took place on 8th September 2021 (Wednesday) 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm with 120 participants from different engineering disciplines (Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics, Robotics and Mechatronics).

The Webinar was organised by Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Science and the Institution of Engineers Malaysia Swinburne Sarawak Student Section (IEM – SSSS), co-organised by Swinburne Sarawak IET On Campus (SSIET), Engineers Australia Swinburne Sarawak Student Section (EASSSS), SUTS IChemE Student Chapter, and supported by EAT20008 Professional Experience in Engineering Unit Convenor Mr Tiong Siing Kieh aiming to address different aspects of career development and internship preparation.

The event started with a welcome address by Mr Millenium Wong, Vice Secretary of IEM – SSSS. He is also the chair and emcee of this webinar. Mr. Ryan Jee (founder of JobStock) then took the stage and started with the talk. Mr Ryan Jee shared the format, writing tips and information to be included in the cover letter and resume, common mistakes and how to design a virtually attractive layout for both documents. After which, Ms Graciella Imah Dalie (Swinburne Sarawak Careers Consultant) shared Swinburne Career Centre Vision, Mission and Objectives, and career services available at Swinburne Sarawak including Career opportunities advertisements, Career services awareness, Careers advisory services, Career events, Career personality test and employability roadmap. Ms Graciella also shared information about the Swinburne Emerging Leader Program, Swinburne People’s of Tomorrow (SPOT), career resilience and career tips. During the last 30 minutes of the webinar, student representatives from different disciplines shared their industrial training experience and useful information to the audiences. The first speaker is Mr Jon Bonnar (Mechanical), who did industrial training with Sarawak Energy Berhad, followed by Mr Eric Hii (Civil), who did industrial training at Jurutera Minsar Consult Sdn Bhd. After that, Mr Brian Soon (Electrical and Electronics) shared his industrial training experience at Sun Vision Sdn Bhd, followed by Mr Chen Jia Jun (Electrical and Electronics), who did industrial training with Jurutera Perunding LCE. Lastly, Ms Sareena Lim (Chemical) shared her fruitful industrial training journey at Petronas MLNG. The event was ended very successfully, with all of the audiences actively participating.


Jeremiah Angking
(Administrative Executive)
Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus