27 September 2022

12 universities participate in nationwide Young Investors Challenge 2022

KUCHING – A total of 63 undergraduates from 12 universities nationwide recently competed in the Young Investors Challenge (YIC) 2022, organised by Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus’ Bursa Young Investor Club (BYIC) for the second time.

The preliminary round of the virtual challenge was held on 13 August 2022 and the final round took place on 27 August 2022.

YIC 2022, a team-based virtual quiz and case study competition themed ‘Green Finance’, aimed to enhance participants’ perceptions of the capital market and financial products, offer essential investing knowledge, provide a thorough understanding of green finance and expand participants’ financial knowledge in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The topics covered in the challenge were fundamental theories in stock markets, green finance practices, financial management, risk management and other investment-related topics.

Emerging as champion of YIC 2022 and winning a cash prize of RM900 was Team FINS from Sunway University, which comprised members Lim Wei Shuen, Alexander Teo Wei Syuen and Joyce Ang Kye Wei. The leader of Team FINS, Lim, said YIC 2022 was a tough challenge as ESG is a completely new topic to the team. Nevertheless, the huge learning curve enabled her and the team members to learn and gain a deeper understanding in the world of finance.

The first runner-up was Team Greening from University of Wollongong Malaysia KDU Penang Georgetown Campus, made up of members Cheah Jo-Inn, Lai Shao Min and Lee Mian Qi, while the second runner-up was Team Golden Greens from Sunway University, comprising members Hwang Chong Yao, Pay Jun Ming and Tan Ying Zhi. The teams took home cash prizes of RM600 and RM300 respectively.

A special prize was also awarded to XMUM Alpha from Xiamen University Malaysia, consisting of members Griya Loani Abira Sukma, Janice Claresta Setiadi and Stephanie Salim. The team took home a cash prize of RM200.

The platinum sponsor of the challenge was TED Optimus Sdn Bhd, which sponsored cash prizes, cash vouchers and internship opportunities. The top 10 finalists each received RM200 worth of TED Optimus gift vouchers. 

In the opening address, Ir Professor Sim Kwan Yong, Executive Dean (Academic) of Swinburne Sarawak, said YIC 2022 allowed participants to gain exposure to financial products, green finance and the United Nations Development Programme.

Organising chairperson Phoebe Li Yun Qin said the selection of the theme ‘Green Finance’, which is related to SDG 8 ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’, was based on increased public concern towards global green finance issues. She believed that YIC 2022 could enhance participants’ perceptions of green finance.

A group photo of guest speakers, judges, organising team members and participants of YIC 2022. Seen is Dr Fung (top row, left).

A group photo of guest speakers, judges, organising team members and participants of YIC 2022. Seen is Dr Fung (top row, left).

BYIC Swinburne Sarawak advisors, the university’s School of Business Discipline Leader for Accounting and Finance Dr Yii Kwang Jing and lecturer Dr Maggie Tang May Jean as well as School of Foundation Studies coordinator Shella Georgina Beatrice, applauded the organising team for their efforts over the three months in making the event a success.

Dr Yii said that in addition to this challenge, BYIC Swinburne Sarawak had collaborated with Bursa Malaysia, banks and other financial industries to organise a variety of investing and financial webinars since its establishment in 2020. It is believed that this will enhance students’ investing awareness and knowledge.

During YIC 2022, guest speakers were also invited to deliver talks related to the topics of investment and green finance. Mark Chan Kok Theng, Vice President of Product Research, Securities Market, Bursa Malaysia, spoke on ‘Making Better Investment Decisions’ whereas Associate Professor Dr Calvin Cheong Wing Hoh from Sunway University spoke on ‘Is the Future of Finance Green?’. Charlie Yuan Ting Jing, Head of Operations at TED Optimus, delivered talks on ‘Book Smart vs Street Smart in Stock Trading and Investing’ and ‘ESG Investing Walkthrough’.

In the closing remarks, Dr Fung Chorng Yuan, Acting Dean of Swinburne Sarawak’s Faculty of Business, Design and Arts, said that the challenge was a good platform for participants and committee members to network and that they would benefit them in the future when seeking job opportunities. He also hoped that the challenge could be held again next year in the form of a physical event.

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