29 October 2021

Swinburne business lecturer’s research paper on migration wins silver award at international e-conference

KUCHING – Swinburne Sarawak lecturer Dr Yii Kwang Jing claimed the silver award for his research paper that was presented at the Business, Law, and Management-International Conference on Advanced Marketing (BLM2-ICAM4): An International Joint E-Conference 2021.

The theme for this year’s conference was ‘Broadening the Horizons of Business: Going Beyond Normal’, incited by the challenge of leaders and economic agents who must adapt their regular approached to legal, business, and economic activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 1,000 submission papers were received, while 379 offline and 80 live presentations were conducted at the virtual event.

Highlighting the growing interdependence of the world in its current situation, the conference emphasised on the need for institutional synergies and greater understanding of collaboration and conversation among academics, educators, marketers, and policymakers.

A business lecturer from Swinburne’s School of Business, Dr Yii was presented the silver award for his paper which investigated the effect of migration rate on housing prices in East Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

Dr Yii’s research on massive urban migration notes that the increase in demand of urban housing and upsurge of housing prices due to migration have also led host in a country’s social and economic issues, including the collapse of the financial system and the depletion of household wealth.

According to Dr Yii, understanding the factors influencing housing price fluctuations in Asian countries will not only benefit policymakers in implementing monetary policies and constructors in developing housing development plans, but also for investors and buyers in determining the risk of investment in the housing market.

“Interestingly, the research findings indicate that migration is an important indicator in affecting housing prices, and that changes in housing prices also results in net migration. A rise in the number of immigrants would cause housing developers to anticipate higher housing demand and expand housing supply, in turn reduce upward pressure on housing prices,” Dr Yii said.

“This implies that policymakers should consider social security as well as wages and employment conditions to regulate migration and stabilise housing prices,” he remarked on his research which reveals unemployment rate and gross national income having positive impacts on housing prices.

BLM-ICAM is an annual conference jointly organised by Taylor’s University and University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka which acts as a platform for the national and international scholarly community to share their research findings, expertise, and collaborate with renowned scholars.

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