22 April 2024

Swinburne Sarawak’s new mural harmonises Australian wildlife and Sarawak’s rivers

KUCHING – Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus’ Australian Garden now boasts a stunning new addition: the “Waters of Inspiration” mural.

The project was a product of collaboration between Swinburne Sarawak’s esteemed School of Design and Arts and its Student Life Volunteering Program (SLVP), providing valuable real-world experience for participating students.

Under the guidance of Design Lecturer Ts Michael Lee, artistic collaborators Design Lecturer Jasmine Ng and alumnus Peter Yek played a key role in creating the mural’s design.

Students work on the mural.

Students work on the mural.

Spanning an impressive 82 feet by 12 feet, the mural brings together the beauty of contemporary Australian Aboriginal art with the majesty of Borneo’s natural world. The result is a captivating scene where Australian outback wildlife harmonise with the flowing rivers of Sarawak.

“Waters of Inspiration” is more than just a beautiful picture; it serves as a prime example of how public art can engage the entire Swinburne community. Over four intensive weekends, more than 30 dedicated design and SLVP students actively participated in the project. This hands-on experience provided them with invaluable training in large-scale outdoor mural creation, allowing them to hone their artistic skills and build their portfolios.

The project also highlights the power of collaboration across departments. Swinburne Sarawak’s School of Design and Arts as well as the Building Facilities and Student Engagement departments seamlessly worked together to bring the vision to life. This collaborative spirit is at the heart of Swinburne’s success, fostering innovation and creativity.

The vibrant artwork also exemplifies Swinburne’s commitment to its first “moon shot” for every Swinburne learner to get a work experience.

Beyond being just paint on a wall, “Waters of Inspiration” is a symbol of Swinburne’s commitment to intercultural understanding and artistic expression.  All are invited to visit the Australian Garden to experience the mural’s beauty first-hand and take a moment to appreciate the incredible teamwork that brought this project to life.

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