17 September 2021

Research Achievement – Swinburne’s Digital Health Research Team

Heartiest congratulations to Swinburne’s Digital Health research team led by Professor Patrick Then; Dr Brian Loh, Dr Vong Wantze, Dr Kelvin Yong and Dr Sheena Punai on their recent collaboration with BioTective, a digital healthcare division under Ubisson. In addition, the project team includes an international member who is also Swinburne Sarawak’s adjunct research fellow, Professor Valliappan Raman, from Coimbatore Institute of Technology, India, and a Taiwanese partner, Bionime Corporation, that will be leading optimisation and internationalisation of future IP filing and commercialisation on the global stage. This collaboration aims to deliver a comprehensive continuum of care to patients with chronic diseases through digital transformation. 

The project, worth RM150,000 involves designing and developing a new health monitoring and management system consisting of mobile applications and online cloud-based systems that healthcare consumers and multidisciplinary healthcare providers can utilise. The project will create a digital platform that triages healthcare service providers, patients, and pharmacies for chronic disease management.


This project aligns with Swinburne’s Research with Impact/Moon Shots:


Moon shot 1

HDR students are trained in real-life work scenarios and can gain experience by interacting with healthcare specialists.


Moon shot 2

Ubisson works with the top talents and HDR students from Swinburne and opens job opportunities for undergraduate students.

Moon shot 3

Swinburne researchers generate innovative chronic disease management technology for Ubisson.

Moon shot 4

Ubisson has international clientele in Asia-pacific, Europe and Australia. The chronic disease management technology will be immersed into Ubisson’s wide range of products and services for their clients, thereby potentially building a foundation for global practice in chronic disease management

We wish the team continued success in their research endeavours.

School of Research, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak

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