13 October 2021

Student Achievement – Grant Scholarship

Heartiest congratulations to Ms Shirleen Lo Lee Yuen on receiving a Scholarship under Industry Research Collaboration Grant (Techno-Eco SEDC) from Sarawak Economic Development Corporation Energy Sendirian Berhad on the project “Techno-Economic Feasibility Study for the Development of Hydrogen Production Plant in Kuching”. The overall grant value is RM20,000.00.

Ms Lo will present a final report on the techno-economic feasibility of the centralised Hydrogen Production Plant in Kuching, which provides an understanding to all stakeholders pertaining to the full spectrum of opportunities and risks embedded in the project, as well as the important insights to facilitate investments at a later stage required to realise Sarawak’s strategic initiative towards a green economy.

This project aligns with:

Moonshot 1 – Every Swinburne learner gets a work experience 

In this Industry project, Shirleen had obtained the opportunity to interact closely with SEDC Energy and their partners to solve their real-world problems and requests under the guidance of the Project Leaders (Dr How Bing Shen and Assoc Prof Jaka Sunarso). Through the short term (6-month) attachment in this industry project, Shirleen had experienced industry-based practical learning that prepared her for her post-PhD career.

Moonshot 3 – Every Swinburne partner gets a tech solution 

In this Industry project, our research expertise in the techno-economic analysis was used to assist SEDC Energy in determining which technology and the particular process would best fit the local scenario, the economic performance values for the chosen investment decisions, and the effects of the project parameters towards the economic outcomes. These give an essential framework from which can better inform our industry partner in their decision making processes.

We wish you success in your research endeavours.

School of Research, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak

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