PGRS Events – Year 2020

Find out what events are coming up, and join us!

PGRS Events – Year 2020

Past events


Induction Session

As a part of Induction Session, PGRS Committee 2020 was invited to introduce committee, the upcoming activities and also share some experiences of being HDR students with recently enrolled research students.


Online Sharing Session

This session aims to share strategies to cope with the pandemic as researchers and maintain productivity, as well as introduce new research student to the community.


Bowling and Dining

Aiming to foster social interaction between HDR (Higher Degree Research) students across disciplines, Bowling and Dining activity is a perfect opportunity to chat, socialise, talk about challenges and opportunities in research, and just spend nice time among peers.


Online Research Awareness Session

Research Awareness session is proposed by PGRS committee to grow understanding of undergraduate students about the research degree opportunities at SUTS. PGRS committee aims to collaborate with SOR and Marketing Department to provide participants of this session with prospects and light refreshments, while PGRS members will deliver presentations and run Q&A session.

Video recording: Link


Giving Back to Community! (Clothes Donation)

As a part of social responsibility contest, PGRS in collaboration with SSSC are running “Clothes Donation 2020”. While it was initially initiated to be one time event, understanding that people in need requires support throughout the year, we have decided to continue this event and make it ongoing throughout 2020-2021.