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Dr. Brian Loh Chung Shiong

Deputy Head of School, Lecturer
BSc (CSSE) (Swinburne), MSc (Swinburne), PhD (Swinburne)

Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Science

Office No:+60 82 260 802
Fax No:+60 82 260 813
Room No: E201, Building E, FECS
Email: bloh@swinburne.edu.my
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Brian Loh received his BSc in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus in 2008. Subsequently, he completed his MSc in Computer Science in 2012, and received his PhD in 2019, at the same university. In August 2019, he joined the Faculty of Engineering, Computing & Science as a Lecturer.

His research interests include deep learning, particularly computer vision for medical image analysis, and cloud systems.

Research Interests

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Deep learning
  • Computer vision
  • Medical image analysis
  • Cloud computing
  • Web-based systems

  • Publications


  • Journal paper Loh, BC & Then, PH 2017, ‘Deep learning for cardiac computer-aided diagnosis: benefits, issues & solutions’, Mhealth, vol. 3
  • Journal paper Loh, BC & Then, PH 2016, ‘Region of Interest Video Coding for Ultrasound Imagery’, International Journal of Advances in Image Processing Techniques- IJIPT, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 1-5
  • Journal paper Loh, BC & Then, PH 2015, ‘Mobile Imagery eXchange (MIX) toolkit: data sharing for the unconnected’, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, vol. 19, no. 3-4, pp. 723-740
  • Conference paper Loh, BC, Fong, AY, Ong, T & Then, PH 2019, ‘Unsupervised one-class classification and anomaly detection of stress echocardiograms with deep denoising spatio-temporal autoencoders ‘ ESC Asia with APSC & AFC 2019.
  • Conference paper Loh, BC & Then, PH 2015, ‘Region of Interest Video Coding for Ultrasound Imagery,’ Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control and Networking, 51-55.
  • Conference paper Loh, BC & Then, PH 2013, ‘Cardiac echo to text conversion: Closing the urban-rural connectivity gap,’ 2013 9th International Conference on Information, Communications & Signal Processing, IEEE, 1-4.
  • Conference paper Loh, BC, Raman, V & Then, PH 2011, ‘First prototype of aquatic tool kit: towards low-cost intelligent larval fish counting in hatcheries,’ 2011 IEEE Ninth International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing, IEEE, 192-195
  • Conference paper Loh, BC & Then, PH 2010, ‘Ontology-enhanced interactive anonymization in domain-driven data mining outsourcing,’ 2010 Second International Symposium on Data, Privacy, and E-Commerce, IEEE, 9-14.
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