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Cassandra Eva Lau Lin Yin

MEd (TESOL) (Deakin Uni), BAEd (Hons) (USM)

School of Foundation Studies

Office No:+60 82 260 770
Room No: G812
Email: celau@swinburne.edu.my
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Cassandra has more than 25 years of teaching experience at secondary and higher levels of education. Prior to joining Swinburne, she worked at several government and private institutions. She is currently teaching Language units in Foundation Studies.

Her current interests include sociolinguistics and children’s creative writing.

Research Interests

Sociolinguistics, Malaysian Englishes, Children’s Literature

Professional Memberships

  • The Asian Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (Asia TEFL)
  • Malaysia Board on Books for Young People (MBbY)


  • Honorable Mentions Malaysia Board on Books for Young People Catalogue 2021 for Nyatoh the Savior of the Hornbills,


  • Congress: Lau CE 2022 ‘Bringing the Bornean rainforest into the urban classroom: a reflection’, Presented  38th IBBY International Board on Books for Young People, 5-8 September,  Putrajaya, Malaysia.
  • Books and Book Chapters: Pui, P, Ida Adi Badiozaman, Lau, CE, 2021, Sarawak Women in Early Childhood Care and Education: Sowing seeds for the future, Ministry of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family & Childhood Development, Sarawak.
  • Books and Book Chapters: Lau, CE 2020, Nyatoh the Friendly Tree, Cassandra Eva Lau. FB: Borneo Series
  • Conference Paper: Ting, Su-Hie & Lau, C.E.LY. 2007, The influence of sociocultural context on the discourse structure of telephone enquiries and the use of communication strategies by Malaysian ESL learners. Presented at the Conference on Social and Cognitive Aspects of Second Language Learning and Teaching, April 12-14 in Faculty of Arts, The University of Auckland.
  • Conference Paper: Lau, C.E.L.L. 2006, Teaching Malaysian English in the Classroom: Skills and Competence. Proceedings of National Conference on Skills & Competencies in Education, USM.
  • Conference Paper: Lau, C.E.L.L. 2006, The Perceptions of Malaysian Parents on Malaysian English. Presented at MICELT 2006: Achieving tangible standards: benchmarks and best practices in ELT, May 8-10 at the Equatorial Hotel, Melaka.
  • Journal: Lau, CE 2022, ‘Parting the cobwebs’, Bookbird, A Journal of International Children’s Literature, vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 39-49.
  • Media: Lau, CELY 2021 ‘Forging connection during an online lesson’, Campus & Beyond, The Borneo post, 21 July, https://www.swinburne.edu.my/campus-beyond/forging-connection-online-lesson.php
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