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Dr Agnes Lim Siang Siew

Academic Coordinator, Lecturer

Faculty of Business, Design and Arts

Office No:+6082 260793
Fax No:+60 82 260 815
Room No: B339
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Dr. Agnes holds a PhD in Human Resource Development; Corporate Master in Business Administration; and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Human Resource Development from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). She has industrial experience with diverse organizations before joining the educational industry in year 2016. She championed various portfolios for training system enhancement and continuous improvement (Kaizen) projects as Lean Leader. She is currently a Certified Mentor and Trainer, specialising in Human Resource Development and Total Quality Management.

Research Interests

Human Resource Development, Total Quality Management, Sustainability

Teaching Areas

Management Analysis and Problem Solving, Digital Management and Future of Work, International Human Resource Management, Business and Society, Leadership Practice and Skills, Business, Society and Sustainability


  • 2014, Certificate of Recognition for operational improvement, MEMC Kuching Sdn. Bhd., A SunEdison Company
  • 2010, Bestari Award, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
  • 2008-2011, Dean’s List (all-semester), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Professional Membership

  • Accredited Trainer (TTT) (HRD Corp)
  • Certified Mentor (OBU)
  • Certified Lean Green Belt
  • Member (MIHRM)

Training & Consultancy

2022, Lean Thinking, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak
2022, Managerial Analysis and Problem Solving, SIMATS Study Tour – International Management Immersion Programme
2018, SCOPE GETS training programme, Leadership Institute of Sarawak Civil Service

2023, Project Title: Sarawak Child Wellbeing Index, UNICEF (Ongoing)

2022, Project Title: Local Community Awareness and Intention to Participate in Responsible Tourism Sarawak Tourism Board, STB (Completed)

Recent Media

Newspaper article: Lim, A. S. S. (2024, January 19). Ethical Challenges in AI-driven Recruitment. New Sarawak Tribune. Retrieved from

Newspaper article: Lim, A. S. S., Tan, K. T. L., Su, S. I. (2023, September 13). Prioritising Well-being in Future Workplace. The Borneo Post, p. 9.

Newspaper article: Wasudawan, K. & Lim, A. S. S. (2022, August 3). Manpower and Tourism Industry: Challenges and Recommendation. The Borneo Post, p. 11.
  • Research Outputs

Research Outputs

  • Journal article: Fung, C. Y., Weissmann, M. A., Phang, C. S. C., Heng, K. S., Chang, J. S. G., Sim, C. H., Lim, A. S. S., Wasudawan, K., Ki, Y. P., Su, S. I., Lim, T. Y., Ngui, L. L. H. & Lim, A. L. (2023). A review and reflection on online learning and assessments in higher education after the pandemic. International Journal of Advanced Research in Education and Society, 5(3), 394-405.
  • Journal article: Lee, K. Y. M., Jaiz, M., Yang, L. H., Ling, P. S., Lim, A. S. S. & Liew, S. L. (2023). Exploring factors affecting intention to use ChatGPT for searching finance-related information. International Journal of Academic Research in Economics and Management Sciences, 12(2), 534-548.
  • Journal article: She, L., Voon, M. L. & Lim, A. S. S. (2023). Excessive use of social networking sites and financial well-being among working Millennials: A parallel-serial mediation model. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 41(1), 158-178.
  • Journal article: Lim, A. S. S., Surena Sabil & Abang Ekhsan Bin Abang Othman (2022). The mediating role of continuous improvement on the relationship between workplace learning dimensions and sustainable Lean manufacturing. International Journal of Business and Society, 23(1), 260-278.
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  • Journal article: Wee, G. W. E. & Lim, A. S. S. (2022). Factors influencing the behavioral intention for smart farming in Sarawak, Malaysia. Journal of Agribusiness Marketing, 9(1), 37-56.
  • Conference presentation: Fung, C. Y., Weissmann, M. A., Phang, C. S. C., Heng, K. S., Chang, J. S. G., Sim, C. H., Lim, A. S. S., Wasudawan, K., Ki, Y. P., Su, S. I., Lim, T. Y., Ngui, L. L. H. & Lim, A. L. (2023). Online learning and assessments in the higher education after the pandemic: Stay or scrap? Proceedings of the 4th Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Management, Education and Technology, Malaysia, 308-316.
  • Conference proceedings: Cheong, H. F., Fung, C. Y. & Lim, A. S. S. (2023, February 12). The next normal: Developing Malaysian University students’ resilience, optimism, adaptability, and readiness for (Post-)Covid-19 Future of Work Across Professions. Paper presented at the Third Southeast Asian Conference on Education, Singapore.