Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

Dr. Sitansu Panda

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management
DLitt (BU) PhD (India) MPhil MBA (OU) MA (IR & PM)

Faculty of Business, Design and Arts

Office No:+60 82 260 921
Fax No:+60 82 260 815
Room No: B329
Email: SPanda@swinburne.edu.my


Dr. Sitansu Panda teaches units in Behaviour in Organizations, Managing Workplace Relations, Leadership in Context. Apart from teaching, he has also published several articles   in journals. He has authored four books in the area of Human Resource Management and    Communication for Workplace Management. He is a Certified HRDF Trainer, Government of Malaysia. He has developed many HR modules and imparted trainings to managers,   supervisors, workers of different organizations internationally. 

Research Interests

Performance Management, Industrial Relations, Cross-cultural Management, Social Security

Teaching Areas

Managing Workplace Relations, Behaviour in Organizations, Leadership in Context, Human Resource Management, Managing Employee Performance


2018, UMP, Publication for authoring Book “Managing Performance for Excelling Organization-A Practical Approach”

Recent Research Grants

Project Leader. RDU on Performance Appraisal System for Public Technical Universities of Malaysia. Funding amount: RM20,000.00 (2016-2018, Completed)  
  • Research Outputs

Research Outputs

  • Panda, S. (2017), Managing Performance for Excelling Organization- A Practical Approach, UMP, Malaysia (ISBN: 978-967-2054-49-8).
  • Panda, S. (2018), Communication for Workplace Management, UMP, Malaysia (ISBN 978-967-2226-15-4)
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