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Jasmine Ng Kia Mian

Lecturer in Design
Master of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) [SUTS], Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design (SUTS)

Faculty of Business, Design and Arts

Fax No:+60 82 260 815
Room No: B211


A passionate soul with an eager heart, Jasmine has been in the design field for numerous years after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus. She has worked with Sarawak Children Cancer Society (SCCS), What About Kuching (WAK), Borneo Art Collectives (BAC) and other local events and communities in Kuching. To her, art, design, language, and culture are various forms of communication which she enjoys passionately throughout her years of life.

Asides from the years of experience in Graphic Design, Jasmine has also experimented with social media content creations and interviews and recently has dived into the marketing scene. This experience did not only allow her to come up with visual designs but also conceptual notions for her clients to help them with their demands. With countless behind-the-scenes experiences, she is adept in scriptwriting, story-board designing, filming, photography and basic film editing.

In 2019, Jasmine once again completed her masters in the TESOL course from Swinburne and currently would like to give back to this supportive university. Although she has been fluent in most design languages, graduating from the TESOL course has enabled her to communicate ideas and experiences better. With the skills acquired, she would now like to convey better design virtues and everything she had learnt along the way to a vaster audience.

Appointed as a Design Lecturer in Swinburne Sarawak, she now aims to prepare students for the real world and bring up like-minded problem-solvers. She also stands firmly on her virtue that nobody is too old to learn from everyone and anyone. Hence, up until this day, she likes to think of herself as a learner still.

Research Interests

Cultural Studies, Human Design, Artistic Research, Corporate Branding & Packaging Design, and Advertising

Teaching Areas

Digital Design, Engineering, Design and Innovation, Web Design