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Ting Sie King


Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Science

Office No:+60 82 260 654
Fax No:+60 82 260 813
Room No: E327, Building E, FECS
Email: skting@swinburne.edu.my
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Ting Sie King is currently a Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Science, Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus). He holds a Master of Engineering in year 2008 and a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication & Electronics in year 2004 both from University Malaysia Sarawak. Before that, Sie King was a part-time lecturer in few institutions of higher learning. Since 2007, he has been teaching number of early years undergraduate courses, final year research project and internship supervisor at Swinburne. He has a multidisciplinary academic background over 10 years and uses that knowledge to research new ways of exploring 21st century education in engineering.

Research Interests

  • Empowerment of Learner Diversity
  • STEM Pedagogy in Higher Education
  • Engineering Education
  • Technology in Education

Professional Memberships

  • Graduate Member, Board of Engineers Malaysia
  • Publications


  • Journal paper S.K.Ting, “Practical-Oriented CNC Educational Tool to Promote Retention of Knowledge for First Year Engineering Students,” International Journal on Advanced Science Engineering Information Technology, 8 (4-2) 1565 – 1570, 2018, DOI: 10.18517/ijaseit.8.4-2.5884 (Scopus) 
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  • Conference paper S.K.Ting and H.T.Su, “Compact Dualband Bandpass Filter Using Triple-Mode Stub Loaded Resonator” IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference (RFM), Penang, Malaysia, pp. 30-33, 09-11 Dec 2013.
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