After you apply

After you apply

Pre-departure session

The Marketing and Study Abroad Executive will advise you on these matters where possible, but you are responsible for making the necessary bookings and researching visa regulations etc.

We advise students to make tentative travel arrangements but not to confirm or pay a deposit until you have received official confirmation from your host institution.

It is the requirement of the Exchange program that you arrive in time for any orientation program at the host institution and do not depart until after the end of the examination period.

Accommodation: Where you live depends on your destination. Some institutions have on-campus accommodation while some do not. For some destinations, it may be possible to live with a homestay family to further immerse yourself in the culture. All partner institutions have accommodation offices to assist you in finding suitable accommodation. You may refer to their websites to book for your accommodation. If you need assistance with the booking, you may approach the Marketing and Study Abroad executive for assistance.  

VisasDifferent countries have different visa regulations and requirements. You will need to contact the appropriate Embassy/Consulate to find out the requirements for your host country. Usually you will be required to show official acceptance from your host institution. Depending on your nationality, it may take several weeks or months to complete the visa process. If you are unsure of the visa requirements for your country, you are advised to apply for Exchange two semesters in advance. Swinburne Sarawak is not an authorised visa agent for any Embassy/Consulate. Hence, we do not provide visa services. But we do provide assistance with the visa application.

Working: Swinburne Sarawak Abroad does not recommend students work to support themselves while they are abroad. Any work opportunities should be considered carefully and should not impact your academic performance. Do also note that almost all countries will limit your working rights if you are on a student visa.

Travel insuranceAll Swinburne Exchange students must have comprehensive travel and medical insurance. Some partner institutions request students take out a particular insurance, so please go through your offer material carefully. You need to provide evidence of your insurance policy to the Marketing and Study Abroad Executive before you depart.