Course choices

Course choices

As part of your study abroad program, you are expected to do quite a lot of research about Swinburne Sarawak, including the courses offered and if you are eligible to receive credit for your study.

Develop a study plan

Make sure that you meet any prerequisites that your desired subject may have.
A full-time credit load at Swinburne Sarawak is 50 credits. Most subjects are worth 12.5 credits.

We recommend you list at least six subjects on your application form in order of preference, in case of your subject is not available or not suitable.

Credit transfer

You will need to negotiate with your home university before you come to Swinburne Sarawak to ensure the classes you take here will transfer back to your home institution and count toward your graduation requirements.

You may receive exemptions towards the units that you have successfully completed at Sarawak.