Financial advice

Financial advice

Planning your finances is an important part of any overseas study program. You will need to cover airfares and domestic travel expenses, health and travel insurance, as well as accommodation and living expenses.

Your costs will vary considerably depending on your destination and lifestyle. As a very rough guide, you should put aside RM6,000 per month for your program if you are going on Exchange to Melbourne, though this depends on the overall cost of living at the destination you choose.

Most partner universities provide a guide to accommodation and living expenses on their website.

Things to consider

Seek financial advice and learn to budget. The earlier you learn to manage your money wisely, the closer you are to reaching your Exchange destination.

Be realistic about your living costs. Your living costs abroad will likely be significantly higher than  in Malaysia.

Be creative. There are numerous ways to raise the necessary funds for your Exchange program, so put your thinking cap on. Past Exchange students have held fundraising events, sought financial assistance from employers and received support from local community groups. You are only limited by your imagination.