How to apply


How to apply

Documents to prepare

You are required to submit the following documents to the Marketing and Study Abroad Executive

  • Proposed Study Planner (Approved by your course coordinator)
  • Academic Reference forms
  • Personal Statement and Extra-Curricular Activities form
  • Most up-to date academic transcript
  • Copy of your passport

All the above documents must be scanned and emailed to the Marketing and Study Abroad Executive at tyogeshwaran@swinburne.edu.my. All documents must be saved as separate files and named accordingly in PDF format.  

Choose your subjects

Information on all courses offered by our partner institutions are available on their respective websites.

Obtain course approval

Once you have the information about the classes, you need to meet your Course Coordinator for an appraisal.

Proposed study plan application

Note that this form is applicable to all Swinburne students.

Complete the attached ‘Proposed Study Plan Application’ according to your Swinburne Sarawak Study planner and obtain approval from your course coordinator.

Organise academic references

Any Swinburne Sarawak academic can complete the Academic Reference Form as long as they have taught you within your current Swinburne program.

Academic reference form


Explain your reasons for applying for Exchange so they are aware of your plans. You need to make sure the academic is willing to provide an academic reference and give them plenty of time to complete the form.

Personal statement and Extra-Curricular Activities

It is up to you what you include in your personal statement but we recommend you include your motivation for applying for Exchange, your reasons for choosing your host institution/country and what you expect to achieve while on Exchange.

Personal statement for exchange form


All personal statements are carefully considered so it’s important that you take time to put together a well thought out statement that reflects you and your goals.

Submission and interview

You must submit all the documents to the Marketing and Study Abroad Executive via email at tyogeshwaran@swinburne.edu.my. Your submission for Exchange will be reviewed by the Marketing & Study Abroad Executive in order to ensure that all supporting documentation is included. Incomplete applications will not be entertained. You may discuss with the Marketing and Study Abroad executive before you submit your documents if you have any doubts.

Commencement of ExchangeApplication Deadline
Semester 1 (February-June)15 September
Semester 2 (July-November)15 April

You will be contacted for an interview after the closing date.

Receive an offer

After the interview, the panel will meet and discuss your application and interview. If your application is successful, you will be called in to complete the online exchange application form (for Swinburne Melbourne) or you will be given the application form (for the other partner institution).

Once the partner institution has confirmed the acceptance of your application, they will send you an offer letter.

All offers are subject to host institution approval.

If the panel does not approve your application, we will contact you and explain the reasons behind our decision. You may be invited to apply again for the following semester.

Accept your offer

To accept your Swinburne Sarawak Abroad Program Offer, you need to read and understand the information included in your official offer letter and letter of conditional acceptance. You then need to sign the letter of conditional acceptance and return it to the Marketing & Study Abroad Executive.

Host institution applications

The Marketing & Study Abroad Executive is responsible for sending applications to our partner institutions. Our office is the first point for any correspondence with your host institution until you receive your official host institution offer materials.

It can take up to six weeks to receive your official acceptance material from your host institution. The Marketing & Study Abroad Executive requires a copy of all official host institution offer materials so if your host institution sends the offer materials. Therefore, if your directly to you, please contact the Marketing & Study Abroad Executive.

It is your responsibility to return any required documentation if it is sent directly to you.