Why study abroad?

It’s fun but also so much more. You’ll expand your academic, career and social horizons. Find out how.

Why study abroad?

Incorporating a university student exchange or study abroad experience into your degree will distinguish you as a student of excellence, who is adventurous, open-minded and adaptable. An international study experience will enrich your life personally, academically and professionally.

This is a unique opportunity to travel and experience life in a different country while continuing your academic progress. You get to live as the locals do, expand your academic and personal horizons and make treasured life-long memories.

Gain a fresh perspective on your studies

Looking at things from another angle allows for new insights. A different academic environment could give you a fresh perspective on your field, reinvigorate an existing interest or open up new ones.

Learn a new language

There’s no better way of learning a language than immersing yourself in another culture. Being multilingual looks great on your CV and shows employers that you are versatile, mature and an excellent learner.

Give your career an international edge

Many employers actively seek graduates with international experience as it demonstrates independence, flexibility and ambition. Overseas study can increase your job prospects at home and abroad. It’s the ideal preparation for the global employment market.

Establish a network of professional contacts

Become a part of the global village by using your study abroad experience to establish professional contacts from across the world.

Quite simply, a student exchange experience could change your life.

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