Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

If you have questions about enrolment, you can contact our officer at +60 82 415 353 between Monday and Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

During Orientation Week, you can speak with a Student Operation Officer.

Defer, suspend or cancel an enrolment

Grounds on which a student’s enrolment may be deferred, suspended or cancelled:

  1. Where a commencing or continuing student does not arrive in time to commence classes for the relevant study period, the university may, in its absolute discretion, not permit the student to commence studies and defer or cancel the student’s enrolment.
  2. Where a student does not complete pre-requisite units they may not
    be able to continue with their program until the units are completed.
  3. Where a student elects to take credit/RPL and there are no other units in which the student can enrol in the relevant study period.
  4. Where a student receives permission to change to another intake.
  5. Where a student elects to take a leave of absence within the university’s policies.
  6. Where a student elects to withdraw from their program within the university’s policies.
  7. Non-payment of any monies owing to the university.
  8. Failure to meet the university’s progression standards.
  9. Misconduct as defined in the university’s policies.
  10. Where a student is not attending classes and either cannot be contacted or their academic unit determines that they have missed too many classes to continue with their studies in the program or particular unit/s in the relevant study period.
  11. Failure to maintain a continuous valid enrolment.
  12. Failure to comply with any applicable standards of conduct, statutes, regulations, policies and procedures of the university which provide for enrolment deferral, suspension or cancellation as an outcome of such failure to comply.
  13. Where a student’s course cannot be extended due to government requirements.

Note: Deferring, suspending or cancelling an enrolment may affect a student’s visa. Students should always contact Student Operations Unit of the University for advice on how a change to their enrolment status may impact on their visa.