11 May 2023

5 Reasons Why Kuching is a Great Study Destination

By P Michael

A small city that is home to Swinburne Sarawak, Kuching offers more than just a study destination.

The Kuching Waterfront

Kuching means ‘cat’ in the local Malay language

Kuching may seem like a quaint little city. Beyond the many cat statues that line the streets and roam its parks, Kuching awaits to be discovered. The beautiful city holds centuries-old treasures only known to locals.

Kuching welcomes visitors with its rich cultural heritage and exciting entertainment alternatives. Its mouth-watering food spots are aplenty, and its locals are friendly. The city offers a range of activities and sights that are sure to captivate. 

Whether you’re a local looking for new adventures, or a visitor looking for an ideal travel destination, Kuching is the city for you. 

1. Kuching’s Heritage

Kuching has many hidden heritage sites just waiting to be explored.

Photo by Sarawak Heritage Society

Explore the city’s historical attractions and heritage sites. Be immersed in its cultural tapestry. Explore the fascinating histories behind each architectural wonder. Go in-depth and learn about its colourful past.

2. Kuching’s Arts Scene

HOAN Gallery not only carries paintings by local artists but also artefacts.

One of the many galleries waiting to be discovered when you visit Kuching (Photo by HOAN Gallery)

Kuching reveals, to the curious mind, a dynamic art scene. Impressive talents abound among local artists. View the results of these talents in the city’s galleries and exhibitions. If you’re lucky, you can even take part in hands-on workshops. 

Go ahead! Discover your creative potential while you’re here. 

3. The Cuisine

Kuching are rich in traditional cuisine

Kuching offers an array of traditional dishes for those with an adventurous palate (Photo by Stephen Abraham)

Partake in makan-makan, or food in the local language. The city offers a wide range of mouth-watering cuisines. From lively street food, and cosy cafes, to fancy restaurants. You’ll leave wanting for more.

4. Our Locals

Photo by Sarawak Cultural Village

The locals are welcoming to all, which is what makes the city unique. Wherever you are in the city, you’ll feel the warmth and hospitality of the people wherever you go.

So while you’re here, why not discover more about the different community and their cultures? Strike a conversation with the locals, make new friends, and create lifelong memories.

5. Quality Australian Education

Swinburne Sarawak is the only international branch campus of Swinburne Australia

Swinburne Sarawak, established in 2000, offers programs in Business, Design, Engineering, Computing, Media and Arts, and Science

Why look further when quality Australian education is right here? Swinburne University of Technology’s Sarawak Campus, the only international branch campus of Swinburne University in Australia, is Kuching’s pride.

Swinburne Sarawak offers affordable study programs that are very much Australian in nature. It is globally recognised for its high-quality education and tuition fees that are comparable to local institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. JobStreet.com’s Top 10 Preferred University, its graduate employment rate consistently exceeds 92%. 

Swinburne University is also highly regarded in all significant international academic rankings. And thanks to its over 30-year history, Swinburne University has a global network of more than 180,000 alumni.

Need we say more? Get in touch with us and we’ll show you all the above. And more.

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