19 November 2021

5 Things Every Science Student Can Relate To

By Communications Team

Written by Kirthanaa Sakthi, Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology).

Yes! You read that right. If you are a science student, then I bet you can relate to these 5 things.

My name is Kirthanaa Sakthi. As a second-year Biotechnology student, I think I’m starting to understand what it means to be a science student. Most importantly, I’ve discovered that almost all science students can relate to what I’ve gone through. Let’s see if you can relate to me as well.


  1. The mandatory “I’m wearing a lab coat” selfie or group photo

Image courtesy of Satchitanantha Sivakumaran.

Admit it…you have taken a photo or two, perhaps a group photo wearing a lab coat. Anything for the ‘Gram, right? #experiment #science #lab #swinburnesarawak


  1. Engineer or doctor?

Literally me, every time an Uncle or Aunt asks me this question.

If I hear one more “Are you a doctor or an engineer?” I WILL FLIP! I mean…seriously…there are other professions out there.


  1. Endless laboratory reports

What it feels like after every single submission.

The weekly laboratory reports just keeps coming.


  1. Oops…I broke a test tube

The guilty face after hearing the sound of glass breaking, oops…

Let me get this straight. Breaking a test tube has now become almost a right of passage when you’re a science student, no matter how careful you are.


  1. What the…Physics???

Pass? Sounds good.

Just when you thought you finally understood a Physics concept during lecture, the tutorial questions will prove you wrong almost immediately.


For real though…

Jokes aside, I have learnt a lot these past few years. I had amazing support from my family, friends and lecturers. Thank you. There were times I felt like giving up, but I remembered how far I’ve come, and I’d be a fool to give up now.

Word of advice: YOU’VE GOT THIS!

For the past two years, I have enjoyed my time as a science student in Swinburne Sarawak. The facilities and laboratories available for me to do my experiments really aided my studies and helped sharpen my laboratory skills for the future. Despite the tough nature of most science units, the lecturers were nothing but helpful. I’ve missed the feeling of putting on a lab coat and holding a pipette. While classes are still via blended learning during the endemic, I hope to be fully back on Swinburne Campus soon. Until then, stay safe and keep going!


A science student,

The Swinburne Foundation Studies (Engineering/Science) prepares you for direct entry to a Science bachelor’s degree at Swinburne Sarawak or Swinburne Australia. The School of Chemical Engineering and Science offers a three-year Bachelor of Science programme with majors in Biotechnology and Environmental Science.

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