Multi-factor Authentication


Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an additional security step to verify your identity when you login to selected Swinburne applications and systems. This extra layer of security protects you and Swinburne from unauthorised access.

To ensure the cyber security of our Swinburne community, more pages on Swinburne website may require MFA, or may require a combination of MFA plus login access to the web application once your MFA challenge has been authorised.

How to Guide

Multi-factor authentication (student MFA) user setup guide.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) set-up process

Watch how to set up multi-factor authentication.

Frequent Ask Questions (FAQs)


Why is MFA important?

Passwords are becoming increasingly easy to obtain. They can be stolen, guessed and hacked. New technology and hacking techniques combined with the limited pool of passwords most people use for multiple accounts means information online is becoming increasingly vulnerable to being hacked.

What are the benefits of using MFA?

Staff benefits:

  • MFA reduces the risk of phishing emails. These emails are used to target individuals in order to obtain user credentials for accessing applications that contain sensitive Swinburne data.

Student benefits:

  • MFA reduces the risk of identity theft and helps protect your personal information such as bank details, address and date of birth from being stolen.

What Swinburne IT applications and services will use MFA?

  • Office365 applications
  • Canvas
  • Adobe Creative Cloud apps
  • Campus Nexus Student
  • Campus Nexus CRM

Does the app or university have access to the data on my phone? I am concerned about my privacy.

Swinburne has no access to the app on your phone and cannot view any of the information on your phone including passwords, other apps installed or calls.

How often will I be asked for an MFA challenge?

There are a number of factors involved. In most cases, you will be asked for an MFA challenge whenever you need to sign-in to an application or system using your email address and password. If you feel you are being prompted too often, we recommend you re-start your computer. If the problem still persists, please contact the Service Desk on servicedesk@swinburne.edu.my / +6082255000.

Can I set up another device for MFA as a backup?

You are not recommended to set up your authentication apps on multiple device, its strongly encourage to set up on one personal device. Incase you are not able to access your applications and system kindly contact contact the Service Desk on servicedesk@swinburne.edu.my/ +6082255000.

Can I change my default authentication device/method after I have completed my set up?

Yes. Although you are recommended to use Microsoft authentication as the default method after set up completed. Incase you are unable to verified authentication through apps, you may choose SMS as another option.

Setting up MFA

I don’t have a smartphone or tablet to use the Microsoft Authenticator app. What are my alternative options for using MFA?

The app is the most secure and easiest method for MFA. But if you do not have a smartphone, you are recommended to choose SMS as another option.

Can I use the text/SMS option as my authenticator method?


How do I add my account to my handphone after MFA activated?

Using MFA

I have received an MFA challenge that I did not initiate. What should I do?

Tap Deny, then Report Fraud if you are using the Authenticator app. We recommend you
change your password immediately. This will make your account secure again.

My mobile device does not have an internet connection. Can I still use the app to MFA?

You can still use the app when you are not connected to the internet. Open the app to find a 6-digit code. Use this code instead to verify your identity.

I don’t have my phone with me right now and I need to log in, what should I do?

You are recommended to contact the Service Desk on servicedesk@swinburne.edu.my/
+6082255000 for assist.

What happens if I change my SIM card, mobile provider or phone number? Will the app still work?

Yes. The app will continue to work.

Can I use another authenticator app such as Google Authenticator?

Yes. But Swinburne IT recommend the use of the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Why do I only get notifications when the app is open? When the app is closed, I don’t get notifications.

Check that push notifications has been enabled for the Microsoft Authenticator app by going into the Settings app on your phone. If this doesn’t fix the issue, please make sure the time and date settings on your device match those of your current location.

Why isn’t my mobile/desktop mail app working?

You may need to re-authenticate or reconfigure mobile and desktop clients. If you need
additional assistance, please contact the Service Desk on servicedesk@swinburne.edu.my/
+6082255000 for assist.