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3 Day Google Analytics Certification Workshop

Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak is pleased to offer the first 3-day Google Analytics Certification Workshop (official Google syllabus and conducted by certified regional Google trainer) in Kuching, Sarawak.  The 1st intake in June 2018 of this world-class executive training programme is now open for registration. Seats are limited.

ClickAcademy Asia (CAA), a partner of Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak would be delivering this Google Analytics course. CAA is a leading regional digital marketing training provider and official Google Partner Academy in Singapore and Malaysia.

This course fee is fully HRDF claimable. The programme is designed to give you a good foundation, better understanding and learn the Best Practices of Google Analytics.  You will be guided through a mix of presentations, case studies, practice techniques, class discussions and role play activities. At the end of the Day 3, participants will be prepared to undertake the online Google Analytics certification exam (90 minutes).

  • GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) is an exam offered by Google to prove that an individual is proficient in the use and understanding of Google Analytics.

Upon completion, you will receive two certificates:

  • Certificate of Attendance – “3-Day Google Analytics Certification Workshop” from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak and ClickAcademy Asia
  • Certificate of GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) from Google upon completion and passing of the exam on Day 3

Why You Should Attend This Course:

This 3-day Google Analytics Certification course is a comprehensive web analytics course that covers topics from basic setup and configuration, to advanced tracking features. The course comprises of 3 modules:

Analytics 101 introduces the basics of web analytics such as tracking referral sources, improving web design and content, and identifying visitor preferences. Participants will also be shown how to apply these Google Analytics skills to their own websites.

Analytics 201 expands on the fundamentals, and gives a deeper understanding on the metrics behind web analytics, advanced tools, and best practices to improve advertising and marketing ROI, measuring visitors’ engagement and creating advanced goals.

Analytics 301 helps participants to uncover more details and insights in their Google Analytics data by tackling topics like customised tracking code, filtering analytics data, setting up goals and funnels, and tracking interactive elements.

Note: Participants are required to bring laptop for hands on exercises and online exam.


  • 3 days


RM 2,300/pax 
Register 2 pax and above, RM 2,100/pax 
HRDF Claimable

Dates and Venue

  • 27, 28 & 29 June 2018 (9.00am to 5.00pm)
  • 5, 6 & 7 December 2018 (9.00am to 5.00pm)
  • Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

Course details

– Target beneficiaries, course objectives and course content.

Target beneficiaries

Marketers, senior managers and business owners, or executives with responsibilities in the areas of marketing, business analysis, web development and sales will benefit from this intensive course. Participants are deemed to have some practical knowledge of Google Analytics and use this in their daily work.

Course objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Use Google Analytics for their websites
  • Understand the metrics behind web analytics
  • Gain insights from traffic sources, visitor and content data
  • Set up goals and e-commerce tracking
  • Set up analytics filters for clean data
  • Measure visitors’ engagement
  • Use analytics to improve advertising & marketing ROI
  • Integrate insights with Search Engine Marketing
  • Apply advanced segments and customised tracking codes
  • Extract data for reporting
  • Champion web analytics within the organisation

Course content

Participants are required to attend all 3 days of the programme, which focus on specific training skillsets. The topics covered during the programme include:

Day 1: Analytics 101


  • What is web analytics?

Getting Started with Google Analytics

  • How Google Analytics works
  • Accounts, profiles, and users
  • Navigating Google Analytics
  • Basic Metrics
  • The main sections of Google Analytics reports

Traffic Sources

  • Direct, referring, and search traffic
  • Campaigns
  • AdWords


  • Pages and Landing Pages
  • Event Tracking and AdSense
  • Site Search


  • Unique visitors
  • Geographic and language information
  • Technical reports
  • Benchmarking

Goals & Ecommerce

  • Setting up goals
  • Goal reports
  • Ecommerce tracking

Actionable Insights and the Big Picture

  • Recap of Google Analytics reports and tools
  • Finding actionable insights
  • Getting the organisation involved
  • Creating a data-driven culture
  • Resources

Day 2: Analytics 201


  • What does a great analyst need to know?

Best Practices: Clean Data

  • Profiles and filters
  • Filtering internal traffic
  • Sampling
  • Cookies and cookie deletion
  • Multiple domains and subdomains

Analytics Intelligence

  • Automatic Intelligence Alerts

Advanced Segments

  • Using advanced segments
  • Creating custom advanced segments

Best Practices: Advertising and Marketing

  • Search engine optimisation
  • AdWords advertising
  • Campaign attribution
  • Campaign tagging

Best Practices: Engagement

  • Landing pages and bounce rate
  • Site Search
  • Event Tracking

Best Practices: Conversion

  • Goal setup
  • Goal examples
  • Goal reports
  • Ecommerce

Best Practices: Sharing with the Organisation

  • Export and email
  • Custom reports
  • Custom alerts
  • Sharing customisations
  • API tools
  • Creating a data-driven culture
  • Resources

Day 3: Analytics 301

How Google Analytics Works

  • JavaScript, cookies, and GIF requests
  • Difference from log-based tools
  • Security, privacy, and reliability

Google Analytics Tracking Code

  • How the code works
  • Customisation methods
  • Alternated tracking code (async, mobile)


  • Accounts and profiles
  • User management

Cleaning Up Your Data

  • Filters
  • Introduction to regular expressions
  • Removing internal traffic
  • Cleaning up URLs
  • Site Search setup

Measuring Conversion

  • Creating goals and funnels
  • Ecommerce tracking

Measuring Traffic

  • Campaign tagging
  • AdWords integration

Measuring Content

  • AdSense integration
  • Event Tracking coding
  • Tracking Flash

Measuring Visitors

  • Custom Variables

Managing Cookies and Tracking

  • Multiple domains and subdomains
  • Google Website Optimiser integrations

Extracting Data

  • Export, email, and custom reports
  • Data export API

GAIQ Certification Exam

  • GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) is an exam offered by Google to prove that an individual is proficient in the use and understanding of Googly Analytics

How to register

– Entry requirement and application process.

Entry requirement

As the main language of instruction is English, you will be required to be proficient in the language. You will also need to bring along your laptop for the entire duration of the course for hands on exercises and online exam.

Application process

To apply for this course, please fill this online registration form.

For more enquiries, please contact Assoc. Prof. Patrick Then at:

Phone: +60 82 260 682
Email:  pthen@swinburne.edu.my

Please refer to the link below for the course brochure: