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Technical English for Engineers

This programme, designed for engineers and technicians, gives you the tools to write clear and coherent technical proposals, and is especially beneficial if English is your second language.

You will be guided in the process of formulating a technical proposal through interactive and hands-on activities. These proposals will be based on your interests or issues that you face at your workplace.

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a “Technical English for Engineers” Certificate from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak.

This program is HRDF SBL-Khas Scheme claimable.

Program dates

  • TBA


  • TBA

Closing date of registration

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Course details

– Course objectives, course content, course modules and trainer information.

Course objectives

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Research and write a project proposal
  • Find secondary resources: literature review
  • Paraphrase and summarise
  • Plan the work using Gantt chart
  • Write a technical report

Course content

You will be required to attend all 3 days of the programme where you will be guided from A to Z from researching a topic, to planning the work and finally writing the proposal.  The topics covered during the programme include:

  • Researching and writing a project proposal
  • Finding secondary resources: Literature review
  • Paraphrasing and summarising, Referencing System
  • Planning the work: Gantt Chart
  • Writing a technical report
  • Technical language

Course modules

Day 1

Module 1

Researching and writing a project proposal          

  • Outline and structure of a project proposal
  • Searching for a topic of interest,
  • Identifying needs in area of specialisation
  • Proposing solution, mitigating situation/context, proposing innovative ideas

Module 2

Finding secondary resources: Literature review

  • Finding ideas, evidences, sources
  • Evaluating credibility and reliability in sources
  • Plagiarism

Day 2

Module 3

Paraphrasing and Summarising Skills, Referencing systems

  • Referencing system and consistency, Harvard Referencing system
  • In-text and end-of-text citation
  • Paraphrasing techniques
  • Summarising techniques

Module 4

Planning the work: Gantt chart

  • How to create Gantt Chart
    • Understand the work breakdown structure
    • Gather necessary information about all steps/processes
    • Build timelines
    • Layout all the bars on the graph
    • Evaluate dependency/relationships between phases/processes
    • Implement the Gantt chart in Excel spreadsheet

Day 3

Module 5

Writing a project report

  • Formatting guidelines
    • Format of pages
    • Format of type and headings
    • Format of text
  • Components of a report
    • Preliminary pages
      – Title page
      – Disclaimer
      – Abstract
      – Acknowledgments
      – Contents
      – Figures
      – Tables
      – Symbols
  • Text of report
    – Introduction
    – Main sections
    – Conclusion
    – Recommendations
    – References
    – Appendices

Module 6

Technical language

  • Starting writing
  • Structuring writing
    • Logical sections
    • Cohesive paragraphs
    • Clear sentences
  • Structuring sentences
    • Proximity of detail and item
    • Series of nouns
    • Parallel construction
  • Grammar
    • Active and passive voice
    • Tense of verbs
    • Agreement between noun and number
    • Agreement between subject and verb
  • Vocabulary
    • Personal language
    • Gender inclusive language
    • Jargon and slang
    • Repetition of words
  • Conclusion

Trainer information

– Trainer information.

Cassandra Lau


Ms. Cassandra Lau has been teaching English for Specific Purposes for the past 10 years. She is currently teaching Innovation and Change and constantly challenging her students to think critically and innovatively.  She has an M Ed (TESOL) from Deakin University. 

How to register

– Admission requirements and application process.

Admission requirements

To be eligible for this course, you need to be in an engineering profession, either as a technician or engineer, and be interested in problem-solving or proposing an innovative solution or idea.

As the main language of instruction is English, you will also be required to have at least basic proficiency in the language.

Application process

To apply for this course, please contact, Dr Ong Liap Teck, at:

Phone: +6082-415 353 (ext. 7692)
Email: Long@swinburne.edu.my