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Swinburne students can bring new skills and fresh talent to your business. Discover the ways you can work with our students including work placements, internships, short-term projects and paid employment.

Working with our students

Hosting a student project or internship students are exciting ways to reinvigorate your business. With your professional guidance, the students will be able to put their knowledge and creativity to work, in analysing organisational problems or exploring new opportunities that would benefit your business.

Benefits of working with our students

  • Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas
  • Provide a convenient pathway to recruitment
  • Allow your staff to develop leadership and mentoring skills
  • Create exposure and networking opportunities for your organisation

Ways you can work with our students


Internships allow students to experience real work environment and gain a competitive edge while studying. Become a host for an internship student and help them develop, apply their skills, and test their knowledge in the workplace.

How does it work?

  1. Internships are unpaid and can be engaged for a research project or work experience.
  2. Internships for business students are usually done during the semester breaks, from December to February, or June to August.
  3. Undergraduate and postgraduate students from a range of disciplines are seeking internships.

Benefits of hosting an internship student

  1. Bring fresh energy and new ideas to your company
  2. Secure future employees
  3. Contribute to the training of an emerging professional
  4. Create a flexible working environment and free up your current employees to take on high priority or more complex specialty projects.

You can assist students develop their professional and practical skills while earning credit towards their degree. Contact us to host a Swinburne internship student.

Short-term projects (Capstones)

Capstone projects are final-year projects that provide students with a professionally focused learning experience which allows them to put learnt theory into practice. The students are drawn from multiple disciplines including accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management and international business.

If you have always wanted to explore a business idea or gather alternative views on a problem, but lack the time and expertise to do; becoming a capstone project host may be the solution for you.

As a host, you will assign the students to work on a business or management task which is of value to your company. They will then work on the task assigned to them in small teams on campus, under the supervision of an experienced academic staff member.

The duration for completing a task/project is 12 weeks (one semester).

Past projects

Since 2011, the students have undertaken a range of business challenges such as analysing market demand for a new consumer product, reducing cost of logistics operation, analysing supervisory training needs, promoting tourism in a rural destination, and even fund-raising for a charity project.

Our recent project hosts include:

  • Hilton Batang Air Longhouse Resort
  • Fraser & Neave Beverages Marketing
  • X-Fab Sarawak
  • CMS Cement
  • Hock Seng Lee
  • Astro Malaysia
  • The Spring Mall
  • Liqui Moly (East Malaysia)
  • Lundu District Council
  • Sarawak Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Sarawak Forestry Corporation

How Capstone Projects work

Your business problem will be assessed by a team of students who will work on the project for 12 weeks while being mentored by an experienced academic. In addition, Swinburne will provide project teams with relevant industry and discipline-specific resources.

Teams are charged with generating well-informed, creative solutions to your problems. Their solutions will be delivered to your organisation via a report and a concise presentation at the end of the project. The report will present recommendations and include any associated risks and implementation issues.

Your obligations

There is no cost involved for your organisation, or expectations of future commitments.

A representative of your organisation will be the key contact with the supervising academic. Students will not approach your organisation directly unless you have permitted this.

The representative will be expected to visit our campus at least twice during the project:

  1. To brief the team on the relevant aspects of your organisation and problem
  2. For the project team to deliver the project report and presentations, where you will have a chance to discuss the tailored solutions proposed by the students

Ownership of all intellectual property created as part of the project will rest with your organisation. All matters relating to confidentiality will be strictly adhered to by the student team.

Benefits of Capstones

  1. Gain a new perspective – a fresh set of eyes and a hungry attitude can lead to creative solutions.
  2. Multi-disciplinary angle – students drawn from a range of disciplines are mixed together to work on your business problem. This ensures that the problem is examined from multiple angles with inputs from the key drivers of business.
  3. Quality mentoring – project teams are mentored by an experienced academic staff member and students undertake a 12-week preparatory course before commencing work on their Capstone Projects.
  4. Extensive collective time – each student is expected to work for at least eight hours per week on your project. This equates to over 3,500 people hours spent analysing your particular organisation and business problem.

We welcome project proposals from individuals, start-up businesses, community services, charities and small, medium or large enterprises. Please feel free to contact Dr. George Ngui (kngui@swinburne.edu.my) for more information or to discuss any proposals.

Employ a student or graduate

Swinburne students and graduates are available to work with your organisation through part-time or full-time employment.

Advertising a Vacancy

Employers are welcome to advertise vacant positions to Swinburne students in penultimate year and alumni.

Recommended points to cover in a job advertisement

  • Summary of what the job entails
  • Employment term e.g. full-time, part-time or casual
  • Key responsibilities of the job
  • Selection criteria
  • Qualifications
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Training opportunity (if any)
  • Location, office hours
  • Contact person and email address

Cost of advertising a vacancy

  • Advertisements are free of charge
  • The University will put up the vacancy advertisement in its website, Facebook page and the internal student information system as well as inform the faculties and student clubs.
  • We inform faculties and student associations / clubs.
  • We may also send emails to the student cohort of choice.

To advertise a vacancy, contact:

Careers and Employment Executive
Tel: +60 82 260 786
Email: studentcareers@swinburne.edu.my

Employer Information Sessions

Employers are welcome to conduct Employer Information Sessions on campus. Sessions are generally held on Wednesday afternoons.

Sessions can be targeted to students from specific disciplines. These sessions are usually one hour in duration.

Recommended points to cover

  • Career paths
  • Employment options
  • Selection process
  • An overview of the company
  • Skills and attributes employers are looking for
  • Recent graduates experience within the company
  • Application process and closing dates

Cost of the Information Session

  • Employer Information Sessions are free of charge
  • The University will put up announcement on the information session in its website, Facebook page and the internal student information system as well as will inform the faculties and student clubs.

To organise an Employer Information Session, contact:

Careers and Employment Executive
Tel: +60 82 260 786
Email: studentcareers@swinburne.edu.my

On-campus Interview

If you wish to conduct interviews with our students, we can organise a private space for you. Depending on availability we can arrange for a room throughout the year.

Cost of Interview

The University will put up the vacancy advertisement in its website, Facebook page and the internal student information system as well as inform the faculties and student clubs.


Careers and Employment Executive
Tel: +60 82 260 786
Email: studentcareers@swinburne.edu.my