10 March 2022

Announcement on 2022 New Foundation Course Structure

KUCHING – Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus School of Foundation Studies is implementing a new foundation course structure for 2022, following the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) audit and comprehensive course review in 2021.

In summary, the changes in the new foundation courses are outlined below:

1.     Each course is changed to two common, two stream and four elective units (a total of eight units)

2.     No pre-requisite units

3.     Unit level changes to aims, learning outcomes, content, assessments and syllabus while the unit code remains unchanged

4.     New contact hours and academic calendar teaching weeks

In terms of Learning and Teaching practices, generally, there shall be a reduction in conventional assessments, that is, exams, tests and tutorials; moving towards an increase in authentic assessments, projects and real-world learning activities.

Implementation and Transition

The new foundation course structure will be implemented for all intakes in 2022. To facilitate the transition period for current continuing students, the following table summarises the differences between new intake and current students.

ItemNew Intake Students, 2022 OnwardsCurrent Continuing Students, 2021 Intakes or Prior
Foundation course structureNewPrevious (Old)
Number of units8 units
including Academic Integrity Training Module
9 units
including Academic Integrity Training Module
Programme study planner/
course planner
New planner with recommended
8 units per programme
2021 or prior planner with 9 units
per programme, with equivalent unit(s)
offered from 2022 onwards
Pre-requisite unitsNilTo register into the equivalent unit(s),
following the same unit code

Students from 2022 intakes onwards will begin their foundation programme with the new structure. For current continuing students from 2021 intakes or prior, they would still be completing the programme based on the previous structure in 2021 or prior.

Equivalent Units

For the equivalent units offered to current continuing students, the following table on new unit titles under the new foundation course structure can be referred to. 

Unit CodePrevious Unit TitleNew Unit Title
EP1English Proficiency
FCE10020Introductory Mathematics
FCL10001Academic & Communication Skills AFoundation English
FCL10002Academic & Communication Skills BAcademic Reading and Writing Skills
FCL10003Innovation and ChangeCreative Thinking and Communication Skills
FCT10010Information Technology
FSB10032 Law
FSD10040Design Studies
FSD10041Drawing & Illustration
FSE10022Engineering Mathematics ACalculus
FSE10023Engineering Mathematics BLinear Algebra
FSE10024Introductory Physical ScienceIntroduction to Physics
FSE10025PhysicsEngineering Physics
FST10011Fundamentals of Web TechnologyWeb and Cloud Technologies
FST10012Mathematics for Computing

For more information, contact the School of Foundation Studies and/or the Coordinators.

Media Enquiries

Administrative Officer, School of Foundation Studies

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