26 February 2024

New Semester. New You.

By P Michael

Want to start strong this new semester? Here are some of our best tips to get you started.

Conquer Your Class Like a Champ

Conquer your class like a champ
Are you ready to ace this semester? First things first, stay on top of your schedule like a boss. It’s your secret weapon against sneaky tests and forgotten assignments. New to the campus scene? No sweat! Meet your lecturers; be prepared, ask questions, and show that you’re ready to conquer the class. Remember. Your lecturers want you to succeed and are your best allies. They are the Jedi Masters to your path of knowledge and study success. 

Pro tips: Ditch the stress and embrace learning. Need help? Let us help you conquer university like a champ.

Make the Most of Your Time Here

Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, or Swinburne Sarawak, wants everyone to feel like the campus is their second home. That’s why we have student clubs and societies for you to join and events that you can get involved in. Ranging from regular dance practice with the Dance Club, to a League of Legends tournament with the Swinburne Sarawak Esports Club, there’s something for everyone! More importantly, make memories with your fellow students and experience all the excitement that university life brings. 

Pro tip: Get your groove on even if you don’t know the difference between popping and locking. Yay to having fun while exercising!

Reimagine the Possible

So you know what your ‘new semester’ resolutions are. How about adding a list of small things and ideas that you want to work on over the semester? You may want to put down getting back to the gym, or taking the suit you reserved for presentation sessions for dry cleaning. You might even want to list down what you want to achieve this year, for example. This is not just your bucket list for the semester. It will be a list of what you want to work on as a person.

Pro tip: You may want to establish an accountability system by sharing the list with a friend for support and motivation. Don’t forget to celebrate small victories!

Conquer Your Class Like a Champ

‘Do it For The Plot’

For those not on TikTok, ‘do it for the plot’ simply means taking a chance to make your life more exciting. For students, this may mean saying ‘yes’ to joining a student club, going for a sampan ride to cross the Sarawak River for the very first time, or even just venturing out of Kuching city to enjoy more of its parks and forest reserves. This adds colour to your student life, and may just be some of your best memories while at Swinburne.

Do it For The Plot

Photo by Sarawak Tourism Board

And of course, along the way, you’ll make many friends just by saying yes, going with the flow and seeing where student life at Swinburne Sarawak may lead you. 

Pro tip: No pro tip here. Just go with the flow. That’s what an adventure is all about.

Ready to launch your future? Semester 1 is happening now! Don’t wait. Reach out today and let’s get you enrolled in the next gen_degree that’s perfect for you.

And to our students, new and current, good luck with the new semester!


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