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Swinburne Sarawak is working on offering a blended learning mode for our students.

Blended learning mode is only available to both domestic and international students who are currently in Malaysia. International students currently residing outside of Malaysia will still be undergoing fully online teaching and learning.

Selected programs has been identified for blended learning (online and face-to-face learning). The terms of which a student may be allowed back on campus can also be found here.

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    Contact Tracing

    Contact tracing is the process of identifying all people that a COVID-19 patient may have come in contact with in the last 14 days since confirmed infection. It is a confidential process that help interrupt the chain of transmission of the virus and to reduce COVID-19 associated mortality.

    Contact Tracing



    Health Declaration Form - Categories of Contact and Process Flow

    Swinburne Sarawak has laid out the different levels of Contact Categories that an individual may have encountered. The Process Flow also shows the next course of actions to be taken when a Student responded with a ‘yes’ in the Health Declaration Form when returning to campus. The University seek your cooperation to provide accurate and sincere information on the Declaration Form for the safety of our campus community and for contact tracing purposes.

    Categories of Contact


    Process Flow



    Temperature Screening Infographic

    When you arrive at Swinburne Sarawak, you’ll be instructed to undergo temperature screening, a procedure that help us identify individual with elevated temperature. This infographic will assist you on what to expect when you arrive at the campus and before you’re allowed access to any of the buildings.

    Temperature Screening



    Panel Clinics and Medical Centres

    Swinburne Sarawak have a group of panel clinics and medical centres to cater for staff and students seeking care and treatment. Always identify yourself with your Student ID card when you seek treatment.

    List of Panel Clinics and Medical Centres


We are continuously reviewing and improving our SOPs to safeguard the health and safety of our students. The University will also continue to monitor the developments of the situation state- and nationwide and will make the necessary adjustments based on the advice and requirements from relevant authorities.

If you need assistance, do contact your Unit Convener. You may also contact study@swinburne.edu.my should you have any further queries.